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Bleeding never stops

Hi all, I'm new to here. Glad I found this forum but I don't find similar cases like me. Basically I was dignosed with ectopic pregnancy, but I have different symtoms like others. Below is my timeline:

12/15/2010 - TTC

12/27/2010 - Period (but afterwards I realised it's not a true period)

1/72011 - Went for vacation with hubby and planned to TTC

1/8/2011 - spotting

1/12/2011 - Back from vacation without sex at all, and still spotting

1/14 - First time seeing gyn, urine test positive, beta 643, nothing found in u/s, still spotting

1/17 - Second beta just to confirm if it is growing, result was 710, yes it is growing, nothing found under ultrasound, still spotting

1/19 - Third beta to check any ectopic possibility, result was 776, not good, had metho, start bleeding

1/24 - First time checking beta after metho, result was 805, gyno said it's fine when growing slightly, bleeding with clots

1/29 - Sac came out, it was sized like an egg! Still bleeding but with less clots

1/31 - Second beta after metho, result 633, it's coming down, still bleeding with less clots

2/17 - Third beta after metho, result 188, it's like a relif! Slightly heavier than spotting in dark red

2/21 - Had my first Chinese medical treatment, had acupunture shrink the uterus and push the "old blood" away. Also received 5 days Chinese medicine: 2 days of clearing blood, 3 days of building new blood. However, still bleeding after the treatment.

2/28 -Second Chinese medical treatment, received another 5 days medicine, all related to strengthen blood, kidney, liver and uterus. Still bleeding

3/1 - Heavier bleeding in bright red

3/2 - Heavy bleeding in bright red, just like an ordinary period, and I had all symtoms like breast pain, abdomin pain, insomia, emotion changes

3/3 - Heavy bleeding in bright red (strange is I usually have so much big clots in period, but this time with very little and smaller clots)

3/4 - Still bleeding, but coming down

3/5 - Still bleeding, colour getting darker

3/6 - Still bleeding, colour getting darker

3/7 - Fourth beta draw, result 2, yippie! But still bleeding. Also had u/s that blood/fluid still in uterus and abdomin. Woke up with no blood, but bleeding after few hours working.

3/8 - Woke up with no blood, but bleeding after few hours working, less amount than 3/7

3/9 - Woke up with no blood, start having brown mucus and very very small amount of blood

3/10 - Woke up with no blood, still with brown mucus but no red thing coming out

3/11 - No blood still, but a brown clot came out in evening

3/12 - Brown mucus

3/13 - Brown mucus, and I started to take Chinese medicine again

3/14 - Red mucus, NO, red returns!!!

3/15-17 - Red mucus and blood alike came out.

Thanks for reading this long timeline. As you may be realised my question is, why am I bleeding, for so so long?! I asked my gyn yesterday, she said this on and off bleeding is very normal, because hormone isn't stable, and it will be unstable for a while. She has no comment about the Chinese medication which may interfere a bit (no research if it is a good way or bad way). I have no doubt on this but I just can't see the end of sight. I wish I can be like of you, having shorter bleeding days. Please please stop.....

Does anyone experience the same? I feel so alone as most of the metho treats took one or two months to heal with regular ovulation, while mine is not ending....
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This is basically the same exact scenario that I am going through- so alike it scared me a little. I even had the heavy bleeding in which you described, and sometimes there is blood other times there isn't - brownish discharge as well.  Unfortunately, where I live I cannot get into see anyone until the 20th of June, so I am here on my own to figure out all of this. I haven't done any Chinese Medication either...

Just wondering did your gyn say anything about ovulation during this time frame?
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I am experiencing something similar to yours. I got pregnant in November and was almost eight weeks when i went for my first gyno check up to make sure i was pregnant. they confirmed and had me come in 2 weeks later to run some tests. when i went in the second time i was supposed to be almost ten weeks, my doctor was trying to find the heart beat and wasnt able to so we tried the ultrasound and still nothing. she then decided to measure and see where i was at. my baby was measuring at 6.5 weeks instead of the 10 weeks it was supposed to be according to her. she had me come and see her 5 days later to see if maybe my days were wrong or if the baby had stopped growing.

when i went in five days later she confirmed that i was going to have a miscarriage since the baby was still measuring the same. it just so happened that i started miscarrying that afternoon which was very light bleeding nothing too extravegant. then next day on the other hand was like a running sink with clots. i was in the bathroom every 20 minutes, i didnt know when to get up off the toilet. it was like huge clots were being released. i went thru this for like 3 days and then it got lighter. i bled for about 2 weeks straight and then it stopped for about 2 days. the third day i started bleeding again it was more like spotting since it wasnt heavy. i had that straight thru so begining of february 2011 all the way to now.

i had a couple of lucky days where it stopped for 3 days and came back. the thing is i went to the docs office in mid feb he prescribed me to take medroxyprogesterone to elevate my hormones since they were still a little higher than usual which is common for women who have miscarried. after taking the meds i got a period again and that was when i had the 3 lucky days in the begining of marsh where i was blood free.

it started again and i went to see the doc he did blood work on me and found that my prolactin levels were a little higher than what they should be so i have to go back in to months to get that checked. meanwhile i am still spotting everyday. and i am having the same thing where it comes and goes. i was told by my gyno that its because your hormones arent stable and where they are suppoosed to be so it might take some time to get them back in their place.

Sorry for the story!

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I'm sorry to hear your situation. Waiting is the worst thing in the world. I hope time flies quicker. But are you able to call your gyno for some answers?

I'm happy to update my status so that you can compare with yours. Just remember you are not alone, we all have similar issues.

My gyno just said that the hormone is unstable after mtx healing. Since my beta should come to zero by now, the hormone will tell the ovaries I'm non-pregnant, and it should start ovulation. And one more thing, it seems the blood is cleared -- no red fluid has been discovered for 2 days, so I hope it is over.
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I'm sorry to hear your story, at least you know you are not alone, I experienced the same. But from November to March, this is way too long. Have you had your beta drawn recently?

When my beta was down to 2, my doctor seemed not so concerned about me. But 2 is a negative indication so as long as it's going down, the bleeding should be coming to the end.

There's no red or brown fluid or mucus be discovered in last 2 days, so I hope my issue is really coming to the end. Doc gave me some ovulation testing paper and I was testing that since saturday. There was a very thin and light line showed on the paper. Not sure if this should call positive or negative, but it looks progressing.
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Thanks for all the support ladies- very much appreciated!
Here is a quick time line I went through:

Pregnant Dec 25th (I believe)

Jan 26 (Wednesday)  First Ultrasound showing 6w 3d
- I started spotting that night, and I knew then I was losing it.

By Jan 29 (Saturday) Bleeding started to pick up, from old to bright red blood.

January 30 (Sunday) Insane cramping starting in the a.m. Sac came out around 3:30 p.m.
- I bled for about 11days after, with clots and all, slowed down and stopped completely.

February 23- bleeding started again (I thought it was my period) it lasted 7 days and was exactly the same as my real period - I was excited!

From March 2- 19 I had spotting, some day's not so much, other days lots...

Currently March 20 to current date March 22 no spotting - finally!

So all and all from the time I actually lost the baby it took 48 days for the bleeding to actually stop. That it, if what I thought was a period was actually part of the mc process.

My Gyn is booked until June - that is the closest time I can get into to see them. I called and asked if he would talk on the phone and he wouldn't.  I am healing well, and I don't want to jinx it but no bleeding for the past 3 days!!!

I am curious to know about the period I thought I had, was it a period? or just a continuation of the mc?

Thanks everyone, it is so nice to have such great support from everyone on this site!

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Hello there,

Looks your timeline is really similar to mine, and seems the bloody days is over.

The period alike bleeding could be a true peroid as your bleeding was completely stopped on Feb 11, it takes 14 days to ovulate and it matches your timeline. If you had your beta drawn after Feb 11 and read zero, it was very likely a true period. Just treat it as a true one.

My bloody days is over as well after 71 days of non-stop bleeding. This is TOO EXCITING! No more red or brown discharge but clear and a little milky! I have done some ovulation test at home in past few days, the line is getting more solid and that means my LH is rising. Perhaps you can get a box of those in drug store to check your ovulation status. Once you ovulate, you will expect a true period. I'm so looking forward to it!
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