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Cycle Buddies - 3/7

Here we go again . . . Sorry it took me so long!!

elisha123 DPO/CD 16/29
Lady84/Lisa CD 24
mialvan/Maria CD 23
Aliciaandtrue CD 23
smr/Lori CD 22
Queenspade/Jenn DPO/CD 9/19
mommyoftwo/Mandy CD 19
cari227 CD 18
nina2249 CD 18
7preg3b CD 16
GMB/Gina CD 14
popcorn/Julie CD 14
Steph CD 13
peterjl/Mary CD 11
nmenyo/Nicole CD 8
bam/bridgette CD 7
mikaleen/Aileen CD 4
hazeleyes/Amanda CD 3?
nunu chillin
Erica chillin
sakers/Sheena          waiting for first AF
natalie910                 YAY - First AF here!  1 more to go
Dmarie/Dana             waiting

Buns in the Ovens
Mapes/Melissa 24W / Boy
AP/Jenny 21W / Boy
Tiger63 19W
Dani 19W
pat4rod 17W / Boy
CacyMichelle 15W
Munter 15W
Ashmcc 13W
Latrice 12W
avik7 9W
StephNP09 6W
kgokgo/Niki 6W
nickswife/Gigi 5W
EI/Brandy 5W

Is it possible for us to beat the 529 posts from the last thread???
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Bridgette-Wow, great job, in between studying, too.
I'm pretty sure we can beat 529 posts!
589816 tn?1332980371
Well I'm getting ready to go out with DH (very rare occurance) so I'll catch up with all of you tomorrow...unless we get home early enough.
Natalie- I hope you get to feeling better *hugs*
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My poor little brain hurts!  And I don't think I got all the question right, so I'm p*ssed.  I can only hope I pull through on the extra credit.  Tomorrow's project is to write an essay on why they should change the drinking age to 18 - sounds entertaining huh?  5 more weeks to go and then I get a month off!!!

I'm googling about Jon & Kate's potential breaking up - thanks Steph!

Natalie - I hope you feel better soon, but it must be a huge relief for AF to be here.  I hope she doesn't over stay her welcome.
715068 tn?1392937132
Awesome job as always...Thanks!  I don't know whats going on... For the past 2 days I almost feel like PMS is kickin in.....Tired, B*tchy, and some light cramps.  Please don't let the witch show up early and ruin my Mini Vacation!!!!!!
693804 tn?1304724074
Finally! Some action.

Bridgette- Great! Need I say more?? How do you do it??

Natalie- How ya feelin??

Steph- Hope you have a great time, Have a drink(or2) for me

Jenn- When is the *itch supposed to show?
715068 tn?1392937132
I was thinking around the 16th-ish....I am really not sure, this cycle seems odd to me. ??
693804 tn?1304724074
Jenn- Do you usually have pms this early?
760797 tn?1303268140
Well, I've got the chills now, yeah. We have a birthday party to go to tomorrow, I'll have to see how we are in the morning.

Lori-The baby you're watching is so cute, what a head of hair!

Bridgette- I hope you're resting your brain! Jon and Kate may split up?

Steph-I hope you have a great night out, it's rare for us, too.

Jenn- Do you think it's a/f? I hope not!
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Great Job Bridgette again as always ;0) But nope im CD41 but dont I wish CD3 :0(
693804 tn?1304724074
Natalie- I know, isn't she precious? She is so good. Her mom is 22 and pregnant with her 6th!!! She just keeps popping them out, wish I was that lucky :( She has a 5 yr old little boy that we practically raised, he's like one of ours. I backed off a little when she moved out of our house I needed for her to learn some responsibility, but I just can't say no when it comes to the babies. You should see her sisters hair, OMG it's wild it looks like Diana Ross's and she's only 1!! LOL
623156 tn?1322869451
Bam- Nice job on the list. I can't believe how many newbies have joined the forum.

Good luck ladies..
773214 tn?1295138669
Hey gals.  So, it did happen last night......I was scared and I think so was dh but I decided to go for it.  It was like riding a bike...lol....

Natalie so sorry to hear you are sick but so jealous that you have AF....i'll be forever waiting.  Oh, I also gained about 3-5 pounds when I was pg. and that was also frustrating with the whole m/c to not be preg. but not fit well into any of my jeans....I have a funny feeling I was going to have a girl from the way my hips/pelvis was changing....oh how I would have loved a girl.....anyway....I think I have lost those couple pounds which helps me mentally....

We had a nice day today at the spa....!  I totally recommend a massage!
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