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First period after miscarriage

I had a natural miscarriage when I was 10 weeks pregnant, and over the course of the month after that I had been spotting on and off.  More On than Off.  Then I got my full-blown period about 28 days after the first day of my natural miscarriage.  I have usually had light periods during my normal cycles, but this first period after my miscarriage, it has been really heavy, and I've been passing a lot of huge bright red clots for 2 1/2 days so far.  Is this normal?  And is my body just trying to get back on track, or is there a bigger problem?
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I have heard from various women on here that periods vary after m/c.  It can take a few months to get your cylcle back to normal.  Some have also said that their first period was heavier than normal.  If you are concerned I would call and ask your doctor or nurse, but probably it is your body adjusting.
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I've had 2 natural miscarriages in the past yr, and I spotted, bled, had big clots for over a month after. My body was pretty much a mess, and it didn't seem like anything would be normal, but after 2 months AF finally showed, so it might just be your body trying to get back to normal. You should still contact your DR and let them know what's going on.

A week ago I had my 1st D&E for a 3rd missed m/c, and I've been spotting everyday since. No clots and not alot of blood at all. Our bodies are WEIRD! :)

Goodluck & i'm praying for ya!
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My first m/c I had a D&C and my period after it was normal.  With my second m/c it was a natural m/c and it was very heavy.  Passing the clots and all.  I've had 4 cycles since my last m/c and it's just now getting back to normal.  I still have a couple of days where it's extremely heavy and passing clots.  It's just your body trying to recover and get back in sync.  I wouldn't worry.
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Thanks for easing my worries.  I did go to the doctor and he has scheduled me for an ultrasound on Monday to see if there is any tissue left still.  This period has been weird though.  The other day I had not even a drop all morning, and then around noon it was like someone turned on the tap and I had to change my pad within 20 minutes and a blot clot the size of my fist came out.  Yuck!  And now, practically nothing.  I got scared so I went to the doc.  I'm still going to the ultrasound, but I think you are correct: my body is just getting back on track.  I hope I don't need another 3 cycles to get back to normal flow.
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