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No period after D&C

    This past February 2011 I found out that I was pregnant for the first time. However, when I sent to the doctor, I told him I should be about 8 weeks, but he said I was measuring only 6. he sent me for an ultrasound and I was diagnosed with a blighted Ovum. On March 25th 2011 I had a D&C to remove the sac and the tissue. I bleed extremely heavy for about a week and then stopped. I went back to the doctor for a post-op three weeks later and he said everything healed very well and I should expect my first period in about a week (4 weeks post D&C). When my period didn't show on April 25th (4 weeks post D&C) I took a pregnancy test & it was negative, so I knew my HCG levels had dropped. However, it is now May 15th 2011 (7 weeks 2 days post D&C) and I still have had no period. I have taken 4 more pregnancy test and they were all negative as well. I called my doctor and he said he was "very concerned" that i hadn't started my period yet and wants to see me next week.
       Does anyone have any similar stories or any ideas as to why I haven't started yet? I am 25 and my husband and I were not trying when we got pregnant and weren't planning on trying again until i finish dental school (2 more years). But i am worried that something is wrong. My period where always regular 28 day cycles but no it has been 51.

Thanks for your help!
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Have you had any cycle like pain?  Your cycle may just be off. Your doc will probably prescribe progesterone to "jump start" your cycle. If that doesn't work, there may be something to be concerned about.

Good luck, and pls keep me updated.
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Hi there!
I don t have an answer to your question but wanted to write and tell you I know what you re going through cos I had the same thing happen to me last year. I miscarried my first at 7 weeks after a blighted ovum and had a D & C. The surgeon said I should get my cycle back around 4 weeks. I actually had cyclical pain around a month after - when I was expecting to get my period which was incredibly painful with no bleeding and the same thing happened the following month and still no bleeding. I was gettting worried at this stage and had my hormones checked. ultrasound etc and they told me everything was normal and that I even had a 'juicy' endometrium and appeared to be ovulating but still no period!  I couldnt understand it because before I d gotten pregnant I d had clockwork 28-day cycles for the past 15 years. The aftercare clinic I went to after the D&C thought it was 'very unusual' but had no answers.  After around 3 months I took progesterone for 5 days to jumpstart my cycle but all I got was a really light bleed.  Finally a few weeks  later  just out of the blue - I got a full on period! I was so happy!  I was the same as you my fiance and I hadnt been trying to get pregnant but I was scared something was wrong and was beginning to wonder about my fertility. Anyway once I got my period back it was regular and normal just like it always was and I went back on the pill until a few months  ago when we decided we were ready and I got pregnant straight away and I m now nearly 11 weeks :)
Hang in there and let me know how you are!
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Im going to be of no help  because im in the same situation . I had a miscarriage and dnc on april3 rd 2011 and i have yet to have my period only 2x of spotting my ob said that was probley my first period but ive always been rather heavy flo so i was like i really dont think so  so after my m/c i took 2 hpt came out negative 3 weeks post m/c i wated a week did more test came back all poaitive then i had a beta  test done  it came back as a 5 not pregnant  so i wated and nothing mean time i was using opk and got a ++++ so i bd and now im 6dpo in the tww we will see what happens but im still waiting and its been 7 weeks . I have a rx of provera i just want to make sure im not preggers before using it . Honesltly i think after a m/c every weomans body is wack for a few cycles . good luck to you =)
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