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Rhesus Negative,Heart Shaped Womb,2 miscarriages

I had a spontatious miscarriage at 8 weeks 7 years ago and wasn't given any test (blood, scan) they were really bad at hospital and left me waiting in agony for 4 hours then sent me home to bleed!!!

I then went on contraception for a few years as I didn't feel ready for a baby.

I have recently came off contraception and concieved within 2 months. I unfortunetely had a missed miscarriage at 8-10 weeks, they taken blood tests this time and done scans which all showed i had a heartshaped uterus and am rhesus negative blood. I was then given an Anti-D injection (but wasnt on my 1st miscarriage as they didnt test my blood)...wot are my chances?!?!?!

Would be great to hear off someone with the same issues, as I feel so alone!!! x
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I don't have any of those issues so I can't comment, but I did want to say how sorry I am for your losses.  
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First, I want to say how very, very sorry I am for your losses.

Your doctor can do a blood test to see if you are are Rh sensitized (ie have developed Rh factor antibodies). If you are sensitized and your partner is Rh positive, there are treatments for this and things that can be done to protect your baby in future pregnancies.

Keep in mind that the risk of Rh sensitization from a 1st trimester miscarriage is theoretically possible (which is why doctors give RhoGam) BUT, the odds of it actually happening are pretty low.

Did both babies have the same father? Do you know the father's blood type/Rh factor? If father of the first baby was Rh negative, it wouldn't be an issue.

Regarding your heart shaped uterus...the main risk with a heart shaped or bicornate uterus is preterm labor and cervical insufficiency.

That said...ultrasound and and HSG exams do not always differentiate correctly between a bicornate and a septate uterus. Whereas bicornate is NOT associated with reccurent miscarriage, septate uterus IS...so it is VERY important to see a specialist and get a correct diagnosis.

Again, I am very sorry for your losses. I hope the information I have shared helps.
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Hi Christine,

Thank you for you reply! I have been to the Docotrs today and they have offered me a blood test to do further tests to see if I have an underlying issue. But also said it could of just been bad luck!

Yes both pregnancies was with the same partner and he doesn't know his blood type so they are taking it that he is Rhesus positive.

Ill let you know how the blood tests go.

And again thanks so much for your advice x
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