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Introduce yourself to the group!

Tell us a little about yourself.  When is your due date?  Have you had pregnancies before?  What has helped you get your body back in shape?
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Hello ladies!!! First time pregnancy gained about 25 lbs so far 33 wks! Due day September 13th, I plan to be jumping on the band wagon asap after having her!!! Gonna need all the help I can get!!
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Hi all

I had my Ds Blayde on the 21st april 2011 and i'm currently trying to get back into shape since having him, even though i'm lighter than i was before having him, this was my second full term pregnancy.
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Welcome to you both, so glad to have you!  I always gain on average about 30-35 lbs and that 10-15 seems to stay on my body after birth which can be so aggravating.  So I definitely look forward to this group and to all of us supporting one another with getting over the baby bump hump :D
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Hello, I am due with my first on Oct 8.  So still gaining atm.  But This seems like great help for afterwards. :)
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hi all. just joined this group. i'm excited to start. we're expecting our little bundle of joy in mid-october. this is our second one. so far, i'm still gaining a bunch of weight and will probably be up until the baby comes out. i'm just hoping it's not too much (hopefully 35lbs or less?!). so having gone through it once, i'm hoping i do better this time around. i didn't lose all the baby weight until way over a year afterwards. but what really helped was all the running i did, and of course, better eating. this time around, i'm more active than i was before (28 weeks and still running!), so i'm hoping to get right back into my exercise routine and healthy eating habits. good luck everyone! :)
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I commend you for still running!  I love running but always stop when I am pregnant.  I am working out on the eclipse.  I carry our babies so low each time.  I don't know if that is because they are boys or what?  I have nothing else to compare it too.  I used a glider before and I think working out right up till the end caused my water to break early.
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Hi all! I'm a new mom, my baby boy is now nearly 2,5 months old and such a blessing. He's my first and I was thrilled to see the kilo's flying off the first few weeks... And then it stagnated and seemed to reverse, even though I'm eating super healthy (I've never had such healthy food in my entire life), drinking lots of water and walking everywhere (something I've never done before either). I don't have a scale at home and when I wanted to use the one at my mom's place it didn't work because the battery was dead. LOL maybe the universe is trying to tell me I shouldn't check just yet :P Anyway I bought a yoga dvd set so I don't have to go anywhere to exercise. Being a single mom makes it hard to go out and do anything, let alone going to the gym or just a simple jog! I hope to shed some of the weight and get into shape again :)
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I do have to say what saved me and my bum size with our 2nd child was my infant carrier so I could go for walks and then once he got bigger the jogging stroller.  But the infant carrier I wore literally until he was 25 lbs.  It helped so much.  I am so glad to have you with us, I know how hard it is to find time.  We don't use babysitters or anything so its not like I can say hey I am going to go work out for an hour.  And breastfeeding is only something I can do so when the baby is hungry I have to stop any exercise.  Definitely understand the challenges.
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Some of us are still waiting to have our babies, and some of you already had your babies so for those moms I am going to start a weekly weigh-in topic that I will post here so you can get started.  Is Monday a good weigh-in day for everyone?
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Hi everyone :) This will be great motivation for myself to finish losing my weight! I am a mommy of b/g twins who are almost 8 months old (born December 24, 2010). I had them at 32 weeks 5 days and when they were born had gained 40 lbs. I have lost it all but 5 lbs, but still have a little "pooch" if you will. I've been on myself to get back into shape, but really my motivation was severely lacking. With new babies it's rough & with twins is twice the craziness. But, I've been working out dilligintly for about 10 days & my ultimate goal is to lose 10 lbs before my hubby & I go to Disney World for our anniversary in October! I've been doing to Biggest Loser's Jillian Michaels "Ultimate Shred" DVD. I'm hoping to see good results!
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This is great, I love your motivation so much.  Keep us posted on your progress indeed.  Yes that little tummy pooch I know personally so well :(  I am going to try and wear a postpartum girdle afterbirth this time and see if that helps.  My hips have gone from 38" to 42" in spreading right now.  Congratulations on your anniversary too ours is November 2nd, it will be 13 years :)
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