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Mommy Weight Loss Challenge Weekly Weigh-Ins

We will start our weekly weigh-ins here.  Be sure to post and watch this topic so you are notified when we get started :)
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Hi. Just checking in. When are we starting this? I'm excited to get this going. Of course I don't have the go ahead from my doctor on exercising yet, but with the little changes in eating and breastfeeding, I'm hoping the pounds will come off quickly. So far, 3 weeks post baby here and I'm already down 20lb. My total weight gain was 31lb. Only 11 more to go. Hopefully they won't be too hard. I know slow and steady wins so I'm in no rush to lose it all so quickly. Giving myself til January/February to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. Of course, I'm not even sure if that's ideal too. We'll see.

Ladies, let me know where you guys are! Good luck everyone. :)
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Hello, I have 7 pounds to go and I am down the my starting weight.  I want to lose more after though.  I gained  27 pounds about I think.  I have to ask my doctor for sure I never asked on the last two visits.  I just know what I started out and got brave and weighed myself yesterday.  LOL
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Yay let's start it now!!  I know I need this indeed, I am 3 weeks post baby too and I am down 15lbs but haven't lost anymore yet.  I have 15lbs to lose to get back to  my pre-baby weight.

My biggest thing is not having the time to exercise.  About the only thing I can fit in is a walk around the house indoors because the weather is getting very cool.  I did take the little one trick or treating with his brothers but carried him the whole way, lol guess that's exercise.

Awww you both just made my morning!  I didn't know anyone was still interested in doing this with me :D
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That sounds great guys. Let's pick a good day to do our weigh-ins. I'd really like to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Anything extra is a bonus. Plus, I know losing all the weight doesn't guarantee the pre-pregnancy body... I'll have to do some toning exercises, etc to get it back to where it was before.

PutterGirl, that's great that you've already lost all the weight and back to your starting weight. That's wonderful, all in one month's time!

And seattlemom2plus, I know what you mean. Squeezing time to exercise is hard especially when you have other little ones. We have a 4-year-old and it's tough trying to keep him entertain along with taking care of a newborn. The only exercise I can get in right now too is walking, around the blocks of course! But at this point, anything will do. I'm really hoping once the baby gets a bit bigger she'll sync into a schedule. That way I know when exactly she'll be napping, when the older one will be out of the house or be busy with some kind of activity, etc... and get my exercise time in that way. :)
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I'm 6 weeks post as of yesterday. I was 15 pounds overweight from my daughter when I got pregnant with my son and gained another 29 pounds. 6 weeks post and I'm down 23. I just started back to the gym last week.

Anyone having a hard time with diet? I'm still nursing and eating extra calories and having a hard time trying to figure out what a good calorie level is.
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My twins are 10 1/2 months old. I started an exercise routine & watching what I eat on August 1. So far, I've lost 11 lbs total. I've kind of been slacking on my exercise the last month because things have been hectic & a few weeks ago my entire family was slammed with a stomach bug. But, I'm happy with my total so far. While pregnant, I gained 40 lbs & lost pretty much all of it, but I wasn't happy with my over all physical shape. But, I'm hoping to start back up & lost more weight because I am feeling better about myself!

Keep up all the great work everyone!!! It's so nice to have a motivation and people to talk with about this!!! :0)
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Hi everyone!!!! Had my little munchkin 9/24 im six weeks out!!! Had a c section and some issues with pre/post eclampsia and gained a ton of weight (fluid) I put on 61 pounds!!! Within a week and the help if lasix I have dropped 39 pounds!!! Soo i need to lose 22 pounds to be at my pre pregnancy weight....however I gained about 15 pounds before i had her with the clomid!! Sooo I'd like to lose around 40pounds get down to 139....haaa will see!!
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I get such a crazy appetite when I am breastfeeding but I am trying starting today to watch what I eat more.  I am not starving myself or anything like that because I certainly want to make sure my milk doesn't suffer, but I am cutting out the sweets.  Was hard to do around Halloween, how is everyone else doing?  I have 15 lbs to lose.
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speaking of sweets, i have yet to cut that out. it's so hard.. we still have a bunch of halloween candy lying around. on top of that, doesn't help it that i love to bake and have been baking since 2 weeks after the delivery. anyway, i'm now down 22 lb, so only 9 lb more to go to get to my pre-pregnancy weight. but i want to lose a couple extra pounds, so we'll see. i guess anything after the pre-baby weight is a bonus. :)

well ladies, here are my stats.. let's do this!

pre-pregnancy weight: 97.8 lb
weight gained: 31 lb (128.8 lb)
weight goal: 97 lb
currently at: 106.4 lb (9.4 lb to go)

i'm not at my 6-week post baby yet, so no crazy exercises or diets for me. can't go crazy on limiting my calorie intake at the moment cuz i'm breastfeeding. of course, i'm not a fan of crazy diets anyway. remember, slow and steady wins the race. i can't wait to start running again though. it's been 2 months since my last run. i say if all goes well at my 6-week appt, i should be up and running again come early december. really hoping that will help with the weight loss or some kind of muscle toning anyway. and of course, i'll have to do those strength training exercises to tone up again. :P

good luck everyone. :)
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My thing is I am a baby carrier, the baby goes literally everywhere with me for the most part because of breastfeeding.  I can't wait to start exercising again and help boost some of this pudginess off.  I am 149 now, pregnancy weight was about 168, normal weight is 135, 130 if I get lucky lol

I was thinking about you ladies this week, down 1 lb gotta start somewhere lol
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Ehhhh!!! Seems like I'm the only 1 with so much weight to lose!!! It just does not want to come off!!! I have been working out everyday for at least 20 minutes Anna cutting calories significantly Since I'm not breastfeeding....
Pre pregnancy weight 157
Pregnancy weight gained 218!!! ( A lot of that was fluid)
Weight Last week 6 weeks post pardom182
Current weight 178
Goal weight 140
Long way to go:(!!
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That should say pregnancy weight before csection 218! Not i gained 218 lbs...lol
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How awesome you are doing 20 minutes of exercise a day and cutting your calories.  I think I am at about 147 now so that's a 2 lb drop for me.  My husband recently took pictures of me and all I can do is look at the size of my bum in the photos.  I am short so every bit of extra weight shows on me.    And yes don't look at how much weight you have to lose, I'm breastfeeding so I swear that makes my body hold on tightly to that 10-15 extra lbs.
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Thank you!!! I am also very short 5'3 sooooo 170s is alottttt;) today though I weighed in at 175!!!!! 3 lbs down!!!
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I have lost a little more this week, 2 lbs more so down to 145.  And yes I feel you with being short I am 5'4" on a good day lol so the weight is awkward for me.  And what stinks is I don't want to buy any new clothes yet because I don't want to spend money on stuff that will wind up being too big.  Still wearing my maternity pants I know that's hideous but it works.
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hi everyone. okay, so i'm running again, but my eating has been so awful since thanksgiving, i haven't lost any weight. or more like, i've lost and regain. i know christmas is right around the corner and there will be all this yummy eatings, etc... so it'll be tough again. but i know i just really need to discipline myself and get with it (this whole weight-loss thing). it's easier said than done, i know. well, i hope you all are doing well. my goal is to lose all this pregnancy weight by spring! i only have 10 more pounds to go, but gosh, 10 pounds seem to be so tough, especially when the scale isn't bulging.
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alright, so i've been really good the last two days or since my last post here and i'm down 2 lb. of course, we'll have to see if this sticks. it could all just be water weight as i so often like to put it. but whether it's that or some serious fat loss, etc... i'll take it! the drop on the scale has really motivated me to keep running and watching what i eat. how are you ladies doing? i hope everyone is doing well!
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