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A Poem for all

I just put this together today feeling kind of melancholy I used to write poems alot don't much anymore

Love is just a fleeting thing,
Some see it as a passing fling,
While others grasp and hold on tight,
With a grip so hard it makes men fight,

Once the love I had for you,
Made me glad, but now I'm blue
For your love no longer shines,
Like sun and stars til end of time,

To heaven's gate you've gone today,
And here on earth I must stay,
Alone and lost I shall be,
Til Gabriel's horn calls to me

Then I'll see your smiling face,
Our hearts as one, we shall embrace,
Love on earth, no longer true
Love in heaven, now we two.
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Thanks for the comments!  I appreciate them very much, it's nice to know that I'm able to give something back once in a while.

My biggest problem is that when my hands get to jerking and twitching it becomes harder and harder to type, thank god for spell checker. Otherwise who'd know what my typing would look like. :)
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Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us. I, too, write some poetry although it's getting harder to stay on task.

In fact, I'm in the middle of one for my MIL's birthday present.

Keep on writing!! It's a great release and it doesn't really matter if anyone else likes it as long as you are satisfied.

This poem is especially thought provoking and I like it very much.

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Great poem

As a fellow poetry writer, with Ms, I do have a difficult time getting my poems written.  It takes a lot of mental energy and concentration, to try to stay on task so that the idea you want to portray is released.  This means, one you must stay on task the thought or meaning you wish to convey, and two make sure it's fluid, that it sounds well.

When I finished a poem, a few nights ago, I asked my wife for help.
I told her what I was trying to convey, and gave her two questions.
1. Did I stay on task (and not go off on a tangent)
2. Did the poem sound good (did she understand, and enjoy hearing it.

Before this incident and full on, onset of MS, I was a writer who "wrote in spurts".  I might not write for a month or two, then all of the sudden, may mind and fights ignited in fire and I wanted to write, write, and write some more, I could even put out a well written poem in less than 30 minutes.

I have concentrated, of late, writing Christian based poems (about aspects of the bible, so I have to do research before I can write a poem.  I may spend days doing research, then when I have enough information, I write the poem fairly quickly.

So, keep it up, if you still enjoy writing poetry, please continue to use your God given gift.

-- Socrates
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Thanks everyone!

I will, especially when I need an outlet for my feelings, and I'm not suffering major brain melt-down, though may when my brain is in melt-down might be a perfect time to stat one..

All of you keep my spirits high and I'm new here with little experience regarding much and learning more everyday, so sharing something I am good at seemed the right thing to do.

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Your poem is beautiful and meaningful.  I have read it over at least 10 times now and what came to my mid immediately was the love my brother felt for his wife who passed away from lymphoma last year.  Really hit close to home, but I guess we can all read a beautiful poem like yours and find relation to it.  Please do write more as you have the opportunity.

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Thanks for sharing, Susie.  It takes a lot of courage to post artistic work publicly.  I hope someday you will go back to writing more as an outlet.  It is good for the soul.
be well, Lu
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That is really beautiful, Thank you for sharing your deep feelings and talent.

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