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Could food poisoning start off a relapse?

Hey Guys and Dolls,

Honestly, it could be an unlucky coincidence but i'm starting to wonder if food poisoning, like a bad or prolonged infection can start off a relapse in me, could the food poisoning possibly of done the same?

I'm wondering, because i'm into almost my 3rd day of my declining string puppet walk and struggling to talk. Since 09 i've had a window of 3-5 hours of, as normal as i'm going to get but when i relapse, my window gets shorter and shorter, and resting just doesn't give me 'my' window of normal. So its happening again, my window is getting shorter and instead of being able to connect my slip in walking and talking, to my level of fatigue or activity, its just there already and gets worse as the day goes on.

The unlucky coincidence part is that i started my periods, a day after getting over the food poisoning lol lucky me....more cramps lol. I also went for a short walk to the very local shop and by the time I got back, which was probably less than 15 minutes, I was already the bouncing string puppet and it was totally unexpected for it to happen so quickly but the main difference, is that my walking has continued its decline ever since. The timing of the verbal is more difficult because the throwing up negatively affected me, so I was already having difficulty but that too is declining at a steady rate.

So what do you think.........Coincidence or possible relapse from the food poisoning?

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Hi JJ,

It seems reasonable to me...  I had a significant relapse after rescuing a friend from an abusive husband.  My neuro says that any kind of severe stressor (including illness) can cause them.  I didn't get any scientific explanation- but if I can have a relapse due to external stressors, it seems reasonable that you could have one due to internal stressors.

Do you still have a fever from the food poisoning?  Or for any other reason?  If not, I'd call my neurologist.  Whatever you decide, I do hope you get to feeling better soon.

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well, for what its worth, stress can, so if that stressed out your system, then I'd agree it could.  I just went thru a dilly of a relapse/flare, whatever, and still crawling back out...
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hmmmm no fever or anything connected to the food poisoning any more but with the temperature getting colder over my side of the world, which for me means i've already started my usual (over-active) immune system reactions so nothing out of the norm there :D

Ugg! Although it's not unusual for me, if something big enough has switched on my immune system, to end up taking another walk on the wild side but that's normally after i've got rid of it lol my immune system sure doesn't know when to quit, talk about over protective!

At this stage i'm still leaning towards coincidence but as per usual........time will tell lol

Thanks dolls..........JJ
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We must be living in a patallel universe right now because about a month ago now I had a bad case of gastroenteritis and that DID put me into a relapse. Jury is still out about whether it was caused by food poisoning or not, but the relapse was a definite occurs ce.

The puppet walk you are talk g about us ataxia, right?  It is interesting that this is affecting your speech as well. I had an MRI in the hospital and no new lesions were found only an old lesion enhanced. So in my case old stop s were predominant rather than.new ones from this tummy bug.
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