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Cramping pain in Pelvis still with me...do others have this pain?

Hey all...hope everyone is having a good day (especially our Quix who seems to be dealing with her own diatribe of trials and tribulations!)!

I just wanted to check in again about this pelvic pain I am STILL having!  I am on 5mg of Baclofen 3 times a day and it has helped for sure.  However, in the evenings the pelvic pain seems to be worsening and the pain radiates down into my legs.  I have an appointment with my gp on Monday or Tuesday to see about raising the dosage (even though the side effects were horrible at first) to help with the pain.

I think I am getting really frustrated with this...I have undergone the bowel test, the pelvic and abdominal ultrasound and nothing showed other than a small bladder.  I was never told before that I have a small bladder.  I am supposed to see a urologist but the appointment hasn't been made yet.  

I am getting tired of this pain though...it still feels like menstruation cramps and I had a hysterectomy to get rid of that pain!  grrrrrr  It seems as though I am having some urination urgency as well.  When I have to go, I have to get to that throne pretty quick once I get the urge.  I know this is minor compared to what our Quix is going through right now...wish I could offer her some advice the way she does for us!  This is getting to be a real pain though and I am getting VERY aggravated!  

Gee it's good to vent...thank you to all my friends on medhelp and thank you medhelp for allowing me to make these friends that are willing to listen!

Lots of crampy hugs,
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Just make sure it is not a UTI or Nephritis (not another one!)  When I get Kidney Stones, I get pain from my shoulder blades to my knees!  I'd rather have broken bones!  That kind of pain, spasticity, urgency sounds like me with kidney stones.

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Hi Rena... did you have your ovaries taken out when you had your hysterectomy?  I had to have surgery on one of my ovaries that curls up in a ball and was hiding.. it took quite awhile for them to find out what the pain was.

I had a hysterectomy but the let the ovaries in .. now I only have one left but it''s not working anymore...hehehe

take care and hope they find out what it is...
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hi rena i keep getting some cramping pain and i dont have it all of the time it is occasional i get it in the middle of the night feels a bit like menstruation cramps but i know it is not feels like a heavy pressure feeling through out pelvis and urethra area. i have to take a strong pain killer whenever i get this.
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Limbolander - yes. Although it's looking like mine may be a systemic inflammation that's affecting the nervous system too. The other night it was so painful it woke me up from sleep. It felt like someone was squeezing my cervix with all their might and radiating into the left groin area. When it happens during the day while standing and walking, I have to sit down or lie down until it passes. The pull of gravity seems to make it more painful. I too, have had kidney stones, and now am showing WBCs and RBCs in the urine, along with urgency, frequency, and difficulty emptying at times.

Then there are other times it feels like I'm having constant uterine cramps. They sometimes are painful enough they radiate down to my knees.

Last year, I had a uterine and cervical biopsy done. They had to put me under for the biopsy because my cervix was clamped shut and he couldn't get the tube up inside without causing excruciating pain. They've done ultrasounds and CT scans and have never found a thing.

Next up is the urologist.
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Hey all!  Well I am still having difficulty with my bladder with pain and feeling of fullness.  I had blood tests for my kidney's and they came back normal.  I do have both ovaries but they were looked at with the ultrasound.  I have no cervix so that would have nothing to do with the pain I am experiencing now.  

I was at Walmart yesterday and when my hubby and I went our separate ways, within 5 minutes I knew it was a mistake.  He had the cart and although I had my cane I found myself sweating profusely, legs incredibly weak and felt like if I didn't find hubby or a place to sit I was gonna sit on the floor.  Well I ended up choosing the floor and an employee came along and said, "ma'am, you cannot sit on the floor, it is for people walking!".  I had a good laugh at that one but still couldn't get up due to incredible weakness.  Finally hubby came by and helped me off the floor and he got me in the truck and we headed home.  I think I am gonna give up Walmart though...every time I have fallen over and hit the floor I was at Walmart and now I just have to choose to sit on the floor prior to falling down out of weakness!  Must be the lighting or something...ya think?  he he

I guess the next best thing for me to do is to call my Neurologist and see if he can get me in to a urologist sooner than my gp.  He will know better what these symptome mean more than anyone I guess.  i will let you know what he has to say!

Lots of Hugs,
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