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Do you suffer from muscle wastage?

Does everyone with MS suffer from wastage and find it difficult to put on weight?
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Hi Lesley, i think your poll might be difficult for people to answer because muscle wastage and weight issues are generally two completely different types of issues.....

It's common to gain/loose weight because of medication side effects, loose weight from nutritional issues due to nausea, vomiting, swallowing dysfunction, gastric issues etc gain weight from low energy, life style, inactivity, limited mobility etc weight issues are generally thought to be a secondary or a comobid issue.

It's more common to have isolated muscle wastage or atrophy in a specific locations with MS eg right foot drop and right side calf atrophy but normal calf size on the left side etc all over muscle wastage/atrophy isn't typically a primary issue with MS. Muscle wasting or atrophy has a few different causes but in MS its generally two types a) secondary - ie disuse atrophy in which the muscles waste away due to lack of use, 2) primary - ie neurogenic atrophy which is caused by dysfunction of motor nerve fibers, signal etc causing muscle weakness, lack of muscle control and eventual wasting of the muscle.....

Hope that makes sense it's getting very late, and lol i've completely lost my thoughts sorry if i've mixed anything up....

Thank you Supermum .. I was just wondering if there was anyone else like me inside the ms community. i get random sudden weight loss regardless of my diet or mobility status.  The last big muscle loss happened in 2014 when i was in training for a fun run.  So at that time my weight loss had nothing to do with sedentary life style or poor diet or lack of exercise. it must have be associated with another condition then.  Thank you for this information.  I never looked into ms after i was diagnosed because i was so very ill at the time and my prognosis was not good.  But i can identify with the sudden loss of ability, my knees would just not behave. I have taken a few falls because of dodgy messages to the knees and i can identify with the foot drop, its like palsy. I will remove the question in a couple of days.  Thank you again for the chat. I hope you are having a successful day.
2004 not 2014 heh
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