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General anxiety what about ms? (long sorry)

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to ask for advise or may even vent a little.
First I have never been a person to go to the doctor unless for bronchitis or pregnancy.
I started having some problems with speach, suttering, making new crazy words like instead of poke a dots
I would say woppy dots not meaning to and I and people around me would laugh and say how old I was getting.
Putting things in places never to be found again. Then things started getting worse, My leggs and feet begain to tingle
I started having a hard time walking. I still didn't think much about it, I have sufferd from low back pain for years which
I thought was normal. in april i had an episode where I was driving to the salon and went in for my appt. I was unable to
speak, I knew why I was there but became confused and could not get or find the words. I ended up in a parking lot not knowing how I got there. But I drove my car through a busy intersection. I was taken to the er and admitted, MRI showed two white matter lesions. They said it was possibly a complex miagraine. My doc referred me to a neurologist
My cordination was off and I would just fall backwards like I was drunk. He suggested TIA or circulation and possibly MS. He ran test for the tia's which where all neg. But by this time I was unable to work and my ins was nearing the end. Debaitng cobra my husband call the doc and ask if  I was going to have more testing....we just wanted done before ins ran out. The doc then told him he thought I had a minor seizure and no further testing was needed. My GP
was not happy about this and refferd me to another neuro.
I went.......This doctor asked me about some medication I taking for cholesteral and with my memory I said a date and
my husband disagreed, so we kinda argued. He did the normal neuro exam and told me I had general anxiety and gave me zanax said I needed to see a phd. That right there really made me feel like I had been stabbed in the gut.
He thinks I am crazy? I have weird muscle spasms, sharp shooting pain in my chin and thumbs that does't shoot through my arms, I squeeze my left fingers together and my arm jerks over my head. I don't understand, these are real
problems I am having. I can't walk or stand like I use to confusion and memory problems. Pins and needle sensations.
Now I am even scared to mention anything. I don't want to even go to my gp anymore but I need help and some relief.
Ya know I told that doctor everything that I was feeling, I just laid it all out there thinking it was very important, I had to many complaints. Now I dont know what to do.

sorry this was so long
any suggestions
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Its too easy for these professionals to just label you as anxious. I dont believe for one minute that anxiety would cause such severe symptoms as you are experiencing.

The confusion is frightening and to some extent we have all felt it.

The daft words, and forgetting things, its a form of dementia I am sure of it brought on probably and partly by stress of being ill, and some cognitive dysfunction is normal in MS, M.E/CFS and even Lupus and fibromyaligia.

Dont give in, you need proper answers not just to be fobbed off. Ridiculous.

Remember believe in yourself and go back to your doctor and stand your ground.
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Please don't give up finding an answer. You know your body better than anyone. I think many people have been told that their problems are stress or anxiety, when they really do have a problem. I have some of the same symptoms as you and have been told ( not in those words) that it was stress. YES, i do believe stress can do many things to the body, but I do not believe ot should be used as an answer when the doctor can not find one or refuses to look for one. In my case, I lost the use of my left leg and I just could not believe that stress causes someone to loss use of limbs. I am currently on my quest to find answers. It may be a long journey but We have a right to know what is going on with our bodies and to get help in controlling these symptoms. In my case, I am sure that the stress from not knowing is not helping the symptoms that I am having. From what I have been told stress can cause the symptoms of MS to worsen. Please keep going to the doctor and if they brush you off, find a new doctor. Please let us know how you are doing nad keep up the fight.
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your story sounds like many here...they see a Dr and Neuro and are told to take a xanax? and it's anxiety...well, some might have it...but some don't.  

you know your own body and if something is wrong.... sometimes it take abit of time or alot of time for the problem to get Dx.  that is why we have so many people on our forum in Limboland...waiting for a Dx...getting tests and waiting.

Welcome to the club, I'm in Limboland and have symptoms (some like yours)...more since it started 3 years ago.  I'm hoping to finally get a Dx...but will still have to wait and see.

Go back to you GP and talk with him, let him know the changes.  I myself found that my GP was the only one who would listen and write everything down...and believed me.

till the MRI showed more changes...now others listen to me too..
you had all the blood test??  LP??  

take care and let us know how you are...check out the Health Pages on the top right side...

bye for now
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I think it's time to go back to your GP.  You definitely have some neurological symptoms, but what's causing it?  Your GP and your neurologist should be working together to find out what's wrong.  If your neurologist blew you off, ask your GP to refer you to another one for a second opinion.

With two white matter lesions on your MRI, I would ask for a spinal tap to check for oligoclonal antibodies in your spinal fluid.  
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The MRI results are enough evidence to take your problems seriously.  Seek out another Neuro and talk with your GP again.

You may be experiencing anxiety, and that would be normal, so don't get an attitude simply because the physician saw the need here too.  Keep pursuing the truth, take your husband with you, do not be emotional.  document your problems on a timeline (on paper) and give them to the doctor.

Best wishes
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thank you for all of your comments and support
I will be going to a new neurologist very soon.
I didn't mean to vent but after reading your comments I do feel better.

Thanks again
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