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Have you found your joy today? Please share!

I love this forum. I love that we all have a place to come and share our symptoms, feelings, etc.  As I read the posts sometimes I get a little down as I read what this disease will eventually do to me.  So, I would like to start this post.  I would like everyone to share a joyful moment each and every day.  I want to know that as this disease progresses I will still have joyful moments each and every day.  Please join me.  (perhaps there is already one going and I missed it.  I hope not.)

Here is my joyful moment.  My 2.5 year old son does not use words.  We have been trying and trying to get him to use words.  It has been very frustrating for my husband and me.  Samuel just refuses to use words.  He is very good at communicating what he wants with gestures and gibberish.  I tell everyone that we all speak "Samueleez".  My husband and I have been working with Samuel for months!  So, yesterday I asked Samuel "How old are you."  He said "Two".  I was so shocked I could not believe what I heard.  So I asked him again and he gave me the same answer!  Yippee!!!!  I cannot even tell you how exciting it was.  It was a very joyful moment and I will treasure it always.

Please share your joyful moments.  

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So exciting about your son using words!  What a moment!

My kids are all grown up and gone - I miss them - so savor every second with that beautiful baby!

My joyful moment today was getting my massage!  I was so relaxed that it felt like sleep - but I was awake - and her hands felt so healing.  It was heavenly!
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Just a side note.  I had a little one that didn't speak until age three.  We found out he could also read about anything and everything...lol...So, I would never worry about a child not speaking.  He may be interested in other things!

My joy was a call from my son in NY.  He just received a nice raise and was excited!  Next joy was my doctor clearing me to begin steroids early this month.  I need them!!!
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My joyful moment today was in school. I am going to love my Child Development class this quarter. We got put into groups and my group is awesome :)

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What a great idea. I had a joyful moment yesterday. A month ago, one of my clients stole money out of my cash drawer. When she came back this month I confronted her and got my money back. All it took was giving her the chance to make it right, and letting her know the client I'd seen right before her saw me put the money in the drawer and she was the only person in the area when it disappeared. I got it back! :-) Big moment. Still reveling in it.
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There's nothing better than spending quality time with family and friends.  Today I spent time with my forum family member Cosmobirdy (Rita) and we went up the road to have a very leisurely lunch with Huff (Chad).  And of course it was finished by dessert, but only I indulged - those two had better self-control.  It was a great way to spend a large part of today.    
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Today we had a going away party for my friend, I knew only one other person there, but even though one of my friends is moving away I probably gained about 6 more.
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My joyful moment will be collecting my 19 year old son off a train today when he comes home from residential college as he has Asperger Syndrome.  I never thought we would get to the stage of him being able to travel independently and he is doing so well and comes home every two weeks.

I also had a joyful wallow in a luxurious bath with vanilla oil this morning and now I smell delicious but off to the gym to change the odour I expect!!!!

Love Sarah :)
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My joy today was going to the Museum of Art with a good friend. Polly my Service Dog liked it to. Her ears perked up and she got quizzical looks when we went to the African collection which is my favorite.

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Last night our family went to dinner to celebrate my nieces birthday at a Mexican restaurant!  She turned 15 yesterday and we were reliving how much she has grown and become a beautiful young lady.  My boys look up to her and we're so blessed that she is the sweetheart she is!!  My husband secretly shared with the waiter it was her birthday and her nightmare came true as they placed a sombrero (sp?) on her head and took a picture to place on their wall!!  All of us had a great time. :)

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Mine was last night - I put my grandson on the bed when he got fussy, told him to go to sleep, and he DID!  I stayed in the room with the lights down low, hacking away on this silly computer.  DD came to collect him after work, and was amazed!  He is a notorious sleep fighter.
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Naomi! We've never met, so hello and your boy using his words sure brought me some joy, thank you for posting this!

I'd have to say, today, my joy came simply from being able to do what I needed to do, in my own time, on my own schedule. Aaaah, and that hot cup of coffee during.

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I love this thread and it sure came up at the most perfect time.

My joyful moment today was when the therapist told me I walked 50 feet (with a walkert) with no help.  That is a milestone for me since I my admission on 4 Jan.  Tomorrow will surely be another joyful moment when I hear that it is 51+ feet.  

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My joy today was sharing a phone call with a friend.  We laughed so hard and enjoyed each other so much!!
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Gosh, I love this!  It is so great to start my day smiling!  Love it!  Love it!  Love it!

My joy today came from my husband fixing breakfast for everyone!  He fixed everyone eggwhite omelets with mushrooms, onions and cheese.  We have been married nearly 14 years and this is the 2nd breakfast my husband has fixed for the family!  How great is that??  :-)  And get this ladies, I didn't even have to ask him!  
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great post--- sometimes i- just dont come here- well its depressing..      did they sing happy birth-day to her at mexican resturant?
thats cool!!  my girls are married and gone-have 6 grandkids!  they are my joy!!-sometimes- lol  one grand daughter-  shes my favorite!!  lol!!
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My joy today was riding Clara. I did everything myself. I got her from the pasture, tacked her and rode her mostly by myself in the arena We practice all kinds of dressage movements. Afterwards I chatted with the other ladies in the barn. I put her out in the pasture and gave Zip the oldest horse out there some carrots. I was in a lot of pain, but I fought through it. Now I am home and taking lots of nice drugs.

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My Joy today happen two days ago.. My husband got a offered a new job with a better base salary better benefits and it's working from home...We have the ability to move to the small town where my parents live..Family is so important in my life...
We had been looking for a new job for two years ...he has been at the same company for  over 12 years so it had to be the right job....
Can't wait to see what the future holds...this summer we will hopefully be able to sell our house and I will be selling my coffee shop that I have owned for 5 years which makes me a little sad...It's my 4 baby but I plan on opening another one in the small town we are hopefully moving to....
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What a Great Idea... Ifind joy every time I wake up.. also when I hear my daughter's voice, or my grandson's.. My Life is so full of Blessings, I can't count all of them, but I know they are there. Watching my kitten play  is joyful, seeing the snow fall, when I don't have  to go out..We can all find JOY, if we just take time to notice..

Hope all of you have a restful weekend and that your week gets off to a happy start..
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My joy today was enjoying a breakfast of pancakes with syrup and butter...lots of both!!!  My husband and I sat enjoying them like little children.  Not a tad of guilt...each morsel enjoyed!  What a beautiful way to start our day!!!
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From a mother that knows....that feeling.  It's just beautiful, isn't it?  Your son will do fine. Mine was severely dyslexic.  I remember his first trip via bus to Seattle.  How I worried because of the transfers.  However, he wasn't a bit shy about asking for help when he needed it.  He is a college graduate today with a great job....Proud?  Those words don't come close to how we feel.....Hugs to you!!!!
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