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Kidney infection?

I've been unwell for the past four weeks and am starting to wonder whether I've now got a kidney infection.  Not wanting to make a fuss I thought I'd check with my friends on here who are familiar with these types of issues.  I've had severe nausea for the past 4-5 weeks but have now developed waves of pain in my right back, under my ribs and some neuropathic type pain in the downstairs region.  I wouldn't say I have the usual burning or other issues.  As it's the weekend here and my only option would be to go to the hospital, I'm trying to avoid this - if possible.

Many thanks

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Poppy, I was treated for the exact same symptoms by my urologist in June.  A month of antibiotics.  He said I had all the sx of a kidney infection.  He requested urinalysis but the lab messed up the labelling -- basic tests showed nothing.  The antibiotics did the trick.

If you can wait for a pcp appointment, great, but get some help with this as soon as you can.  I've gone a couple of months in the past because my gp won't rx antibiotics without positive results, but urologist is certain.  I understand how truly sick you feel :(.
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Hi Poppy,

To be honest, if you've not experienced any of the typical unary track symptoms along with it or even just prior, i'm really not sure if it all wouldn't more likely be related to your spine.

The nausea has been going on for weeks right, so that's very possibly not connected to these new symptoms if you don't have a fever with it. I don't think  a kidney infection would usually be the first thing that comes to mind then, to me it sounds more in line with muscle spasms and nerve pain from a spinal issue, than what's typical if it was being caused by a kidney infection.

"The symptoms of a kidney infection usually develop quite quickly over a few hours or days.
Common symptoms include:
pain and discomfort in your side, lower back or around your genitals
high temperature (it may reach 39.5C or 103.1F)
shivering or chills
feeling very weak or tired
loss of appetite
feeling sick or being sick

You may have other symptoms if you also have cystitis or urethritis (an infection of the urethra). These additional symptoms may include:
pain or a burning sensation during urination
need to urinate frequently or urgently
feeling that you're unable to urinate fully
blood in your urine
cloudy or foul smelling urine
pain in your lower abdomen"

Do you guy's have the 'nurse on call' or an after hours medical service you can speak to for advice? Have you tried laying flat on your back to take the pressure of your spinal column, alternating hot and cold packs, pain meds etc anything to see if it settles?

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lol i was posting at the same time but i forgot to ask if you'd tried flushing your kidney's?
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Hi poppy,
Sorry you are not well. It could be possible you have a kidney stone. I had the same symptoms but no pain down below. Extreme kidney pain. I had stones show up on a regular xray. When i went to doc and thought I had a UTI but the test came back negative so she sent me for xrays and that showed the stones. She sent me home and said drink lots of water and use a heating pad and pain reliever and wait for it to pass. She said if the pain got too unbearable to go to the emergency room. I ended up passing it but haven't had the symptoms again. I'm hoping I pass the others with no issues.
Big HUGS your way.

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Thanks for your comments and suggestions :-)  Having now survived the weekend I'm off to the GP today to see what he says.  Hopefully it's not another infection but nothing would surprise me at this point.


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How did you make out at your GP appointment, Poppy?
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My GP didn't think it was a kidney infection, thank goodness and things are much better today with a bit more rest.  The nausea is also substantially improved, until I get in the slightest bit warm, which makes me fairly sure it's all related to MS-type issues.  

Was quite funny my GP quizzing me on whether I could be pregnant though - not blinking likely, something else has to happen first lol.  

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LOLOL. Glad you're feeling better!!
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Interesting!! Of course anything wrong with we women folks has to do with either hormones, pregnancy or menopause : ) and of course your GP is male LOL. glad you're feeling a bit better
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