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Last week of August - what's up?

Can it really be time again to flip the calendar page?  Where did this summer go???

for those of you who are new here - this is your chance to share what's going on this week.  It can be anything from doctor appointments, tests, or an upcoming game of tiddly-winks, birthdays or anniversaries.  This is the place to share your plans for the week.

So what's going on with you this week?
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Nothing much going on with me this week. No doctor appointments or running to do.

I did start Christmas shopping over the weekend. Most of the shopping was done online, but I did start shopping. Every year I said that I am going to start shopping early and this year I am doing it.

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Wow, Paula.  I've read about people who really do start early but now I actually know one.... you!

We have a funeral visitation to attend Monday night - it is  the father of a good friend and is in Indianapolis, which means another road trip.  Its about a 2.5 hour drive each way,, but worth the effort to attend.

Other than that it should be quiet.

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Monday - A bike ride with my neighbor.
Tuesday - getting my car serviced for upcoming road trip.
Wednesday - work
Thursday - Pack the car, Yoga.
Friday - work
Saturday - Off on vacation/holiday!!! WaaHooo!  Off to a songwriting workshop in Sisters, Oregon!
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This week is the last week of school summer holidays and as much as I love having the kids home I have found this summer hard work just running the home and feeding everyone.My 15 year old daughter goes back to school on Friday (what a silly day to start school) and my 18 year old sone with Aspergers goes to his new college on Sunday which is a big step. My 20 year old son still has a few weeks at home till he goes back to university. My husband is still working with the army till Christmas and has had his 2 weeks off so he will be away a great deal now again so back to being a single Mum again I think. :(

As for me I have a check up with my consultant on Wednesday 1st September and hope he will be able to confirm if I can start the screening for the drug trial in October.

Have a good week everyone

Love Sarah x
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yes, last week of no school here for the kiddies as well.  i'm hoping to be able to get out and spend lots of time at the wading pools and parks before heading back to the grind of school.  

i've also bought tickets to the toronto exhibition--which is a big theme park rides/games/food that only ever opens for three weeks at the end of each summer.  i bought the tickets before the vertigo started and may be crazy for even contemplating going now--but i'm gonna give it a shot.  i may just need to find a place to sit for most of the day, but the kids are sooooo excited i've gotta make it work--definitely a bit sad that i won't be able to go on any of the rides with them, but it'll be great to see their faces!!

i have an mri of my spine coming up on wednesday, a bit of work thrown in and voila--the week is gone!

xo michelle
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Last full week of summer before school starts here too!

Today I took the baby to the doctor for her 16 month well-baby check up. As the doctor said, she is "disgustingly healthy" LOL Two shots though :-( It was supposed to be 3, but I don't let them give more then 2 at once or she will have a slight fever and be miserable for a week. The last shot can wait till her 2 year appointment.

I have a cake order for this Friday so I will be working on that this week.

My 5 year-old goes to visit her class and meet her teacher this Thursday.

My parents are watching the kids for us on Friday night so DH and I can go on a date. We might just go to dinner and an IMAX movie, neither of us have ever seen an IMAX movie. Or, if nothing good is playing, we will go to the discount theater and dinner and find an inexpensive hotel to stay at. I'm leaning towards the cheap movie & the hotel....to sleep past 8am sounds heavenly!

And, we are making an effort to get the house organized. I feel like I'm drowning in stuff! We will put things on craigslist to try to make some extra money for Christmas. We have some furniture to sell, an almost brand new elliptical machine, some baby equipment, and since Jamie is our last, we will sell a bunch of her baby clothes along with all our boy baby clothes too. Hopefully we will make a lot of money, because it will be hard for me to get rid of all the baby stuff!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Has the weather cooled down for everyone yet?
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Hard to believe that we are going to flip another page on the calendar.

September is probably one of my favorite months in terms of weather, yet it brings to mind that the days of summer are coming to an end.

As far as my week:

DS finished his census job last Monday, so he is at home with time on his hands. Wish it was more than just video games. GF is going to college on Sunday, so things should be a bit more settled here after that. In the meantime, I'm mentally prepared for her to be a permanent fixture here.

Ex just went through Hurricane Earl in Antigua. All things considered, came out okay. Lots of rain, many trees down and had some retaining walls and a bridge on the property damaged. Here on the shoreline of CT, we're going to have to watch this one, with Friday being the possible day based on the current forecast.

Thursday DS and I have visit at Yale New Haven Hospital with docs specializing in lead poisoning to see if that might be cause of neuro issues. Will be a long afternoon; each of us will have at least a one hour appointment, which will be back to back.

Hoping to visit my sister and her hubby after the appt. Thursday, as she lives within 20 minutes of New Haven.

Weekend- hope I don't sleep as much as I did this past weekend. Seems like that is all I did.

Hope you all have a great week!


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Today I'm hoping to get the all-clear for walking and PT for my ankle.  Keep your fingers crossed, or your legs crossed depending on your particular problems.

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Yes end of summer! This means one thing to me "back to work"! But it's going to be very different cause I'm employing people to do some of the work I just can't do any more. I know it's gonna be hard to just let them get on with it, there's no turning back now.
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Sermon prep, visitation, intermittent breaks to work on wiring & such.

Finished (after reclaiming basement from spiders, at least for now) a new circuit to feed the entertainment center last night.  Plugged the biggest air conditioner into it for the time being.  Now having that and the laundry on new wiring and equipment from the meter to their respective plugs makes me feel much safer, and takes the pressure off for anything that "has to" get done on that project very quickly.  There are still quite a few things an electrical inspector wouldn't like to see, throughout the house.

A former pastor is in the hospital again, so I will try to get in to see him today, and make a couple small errand stops while in town, for myself and various family.

New phone supposed to arrive by overnight today (unnamed carrier's 4th try at getting right my 4th replacement for a lemon phone).  New glasses Friday; sure hope Mr. Limpet's happy.
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My boys start school this week.  Yay!  They are both in 11th grade.  My daughter who is 2 continues her child care.  Today she saw one of her friends when I dropped her off and said "oh, thats Gabriella!  I love her.  She has ponytails just like me!"  It was so cute, especially because my daughter does NOT have ponytails in her hair.  She has a headfull of curls, just like SHirley Temple!  

My husband who has been working in Michigan is coming home tomorrow through Sunday.  I can't wait, I haven't seen him since August 13!

Tonight after work I am going with 3 of my girlfriends out for a drink and some appetizers.  I am looking forward to that.

My next appt. with the neuro to go over my latest MRI is on 9/10.  

I am excited for September because it is the start of football season.  Go Giants!!!
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Blaaaaaa.  Way too much going on here to even try and write about.  I feel stronger than last week but have the distinct feeling like I am just riding a wave and have NO CONTROL.  Giving it all up is the biggest challenge of my life.  

Concentrating on just breathing and staying relaxed.  My best to all of you.

Blessings, Julie
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