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I was hoping some of the diagnosed MS sufferers could tell me if any of the following symptoms I have is normal with multiple sclerosis. I have been unwell suddenly for almost 3 months, and been in and out of the doctor's office with no diagnosis.please bare in mind I also have bipolar disorder, but the symptoms are all new developments. I'm at a complete loss, and not knowing what it is and how to treat it is incredibly depressing. I've kept record of all the symptoms.
Eyelid spasm, months but comes and goes
Blurry vision , sometimes shaky, but mostly with the eyespasm
Tingling and or burning upper arms.
Shooting pains and prickling in fingers
Strange burning sensation in arms
Hand paint /cramps
One or the other leg feels weak and unsteady
Back pain, not specific to one area
Stomach pain, upper , especially under right rib, no gallbladder or other issues
Ongoing period 3 weeks. But now stopped, seems normal
Headaches, persistent. Paracetamol does not  always work. Always feels one one side , behind eyes
Muscle stiffness, cramps, burning
Jumpy leg
Imbalance, not just when getting up, feels like I've missed a step or the floor just dropped
Fatigue, no energy, no drive
Lightest activity causes severe fatigue and excessive sweating
Body temperature all over the place, one minute I'll be hot and drenched in sweat and then I'll be ice cold and shivering
Temperature changes cause body ache and fatigue
Any thoughts? I read up on ms and I feel like this is all that matches up to anything. My psychiatrist insists this is all just anxiety related. Which I disagree with, as anxiety has never done this to me.
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Hi and welcome,

I've absolutely no idea what could be causing you all these symptoms, it honestly doesn't really sound anything like a neurological condition like MS though...

One of the main reason is because of the way MS lesion damage presents and develops over time, you've got far too many different types of issues going on and in far too short a time frame for something like MS to be the causation.

I have to agree with you about Anxiety being an unlikely explanation, some things sure they could be mental health related but not everything you've mentioned is associated with a mental health conditions like Bipolar, anxiety-depression, so at best i'd say your mental health is likely making the situation a lot worse but i doubt M/H could be the cause of everything you've actually experienced!

At a guess, with your body temp all over the place, fatigue and heavy sweating with little activity, the only things i'm aware of that commonly causes heavy sweating, running hot and cold type of thing, as well as some of the other issues you've mentioned are things like diabetes, hormonal imbalances ie peri or menopause, viral or bacterial infections but there are probably other explanations that should mostly get picked up with you general blood tests...

...though having said that, both my brother and husband eventually got dx with type 2 diabetes but for up to 5 years prior to the blood tests finally confirming they were diabetic, they were both obviously dealing with yo-yo-ing diabetic symptoms and declining health, blood tests don't always pick up what's clearly wrong. Oh and thinking of family experiences, my son when little started taking anxiety medication, when his anxiety got worse soon after starting the medication, he was additionally dx with panic attacks and all the symptoms he was experiencing were put down to his anxiety.

Years later after it became obvious that he'd stopped growing and a ton of other problems, we accidentally discovered a lot of the symptoms he'd been experiencing were actually uncommon and common side effects of the medication he'd been prescribed, so in effect what was suppose to help his anxiety, actually made his anxiety 100 times worse, with the addition of a host of other medical issues too.....so with that thought in mind it might be worth checking into the side effects of the medication your taking to see if that might be part of the problems you've been experiencing.

Sorry i couldn't be more helpful.......JJ
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Hi there, thank you for the response :) Coincidentally I am insulin resistant, i think that is prediabetic? But this is also being treated with Metformin, and every time I have rushed to the doctors my sugar tested just fine.
I realize I may have been listing symptoms as soon as something weird happens and possibly putting too much into it - that part is anxiety haha. the most worrying symptoms has been imbalance, weakness, fatigue, headaches. Also regarding the eyesight, i never thought to include this on the list but in the past year my eyesight has deteriorated to the point where i cant read the movie titles on the tv 3 meters away. the other symptom is the burning sensation in my arms + prickly fingers.
But - I think I might go have the appropriate blood tests done to check if my insulin resistance hasn't changed to Diabetes 2. Thank you! :)
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I think you'll find your symptoms are associated with Diabetes and could even be associated with the metaformin your taking!

"If you experience any of the following symptoms, stop taking metformin and call your doctor immediately: extreme tiredness, weakness, or discomfort; nausea; vomiting; stomach pain; decreased appetite; deep and rapid breathing or shortness of breath; dizziness; lightheadedness; fast or slow heartbeat; flushing of the skin; muscle pain; or feeling cold, especially in your hands or feet."

"Symptoms of overdose may include hypoglycemia symptoms as well as the following:
extreme tiredness
stomach pain
decreased appetite
deep, rapid breathing
shortness of breath
abnormally fast or slow heartbeat
flushing of the skin
muscle pain
feeling cold"


I'd  make an appointment with your treating Dr and make it clear the symptoms you are experiencing are not mental health related!

Hope it helps.......JJ
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