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Loss of appetite?

hello friends! its been a while and now am back. My MS diagnosis has now been confirmed (as it was a "maybe" for the last few months) and now going on the Pretnisone dose (the super booster course of 1250 mg for five days). Will start that tomorrow. However I have noticed that i am extremely exhausted by the afternoon. Usually I can truck on for the entire day of meetings. But today I've had two meetings, and two con/calls and am absolutely spent by 2pm today.  Also anyone have sudden loss of appetite? I love food and honestly can't even think of having a meal. Right now forcing myself with chopped veggies and hummus to get me through the day but one/two servings is enough. Can't attribute to loss of appetite to drugs (only taking Lyrica right now) so just wanted to ask. Is this something that others are also experiencing in relation to MS overall?
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I've lost my appetite as well.  The only time I really eat is at dinner.  I force myself to eat a banana or yogurt in the morning and I might have a few pretzels in the afternoon but that's about it.  I find that if I do eat lunch I won't eat much at all for dinner.  I was like this before I started any ms meds.

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I have appetite and digestive problems due to MS. At first I wanted to slim down but now I am losing weight with out trying. Sometimes I am just too tired to eat. I keep Ensure extra protein in the fridge. We got a case at our local discount club. My husband commented on how expensive it was. I reminded him our grocery bill is way down since I am not eating that much.

Like everyone MS effects everyone differently. Some people gain weight, some lose. It is just a freaky disease. My Doctors are closely monitoring my weight. They are also watching my blood work and vitamin levels.

Also not everything is MS it important to remember this and to remind our PCPs. It would be bad to miss another condition because we or our Doctors assume it is MS.

Take care.

Hi I have no appetite not trying to lose weight always went to the gym not feeling well at all feeling frustrated   Holly Stewart  ontario
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This is really interesting to me...  I had thought it was my gall bladder causing the loss of appetite, or maybe stress, or depression - but the MS?  Weird.  

I've lost 20 pounds since last October, and I haven't been trying to lose.  I just don't want to eat.  I've had days where I ate one meal, and that was because my husband cooked it.  I wasn't interested in eating, even though my stomach was rumbling.
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I haven't been diagnosed with MS or anything at this point. All I know is what I don't have. Neuro wants to check out the CNS and do MRI for MS.

I've had the same feelings in the last few weeks. Before I had this "attack" of symptoms a month ago, I ate ate ate. I had very good eating habits to stay healthy and ate 4-5 small meals a day.

Now I am not hungry at all. Maybe once mid morning and then again late afternoon. When am hungry, and then I eat - I'm full fast. It's totally not my character. I love to cook and eat. Now, all that has changed.

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and does anyone get this wierd pain around the upper ribcage while eating? Its like an elastic band around it? tightens?
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and you guys are awesome!
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