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MS Tracker - how do we add symptoms?

I've noticed that there is no mention of tremor or general muscle weakness... and 'cramps' is descriptive, but not very!  Is there a way we can update the MS tracker to cover more MS symptoms?  
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This must be done by MedHelp and we should give them a list
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Sounds like a good idea!  Here's a revised list - I've broken them down by category, but I think I've missed a few.

Eye Pain
Double vision
Blurred vision
Color perception problems

Bladder Problems
Bowel Problems
Acid Reflux

Movement Disorders:

Muscle Disorders:

Mental Acuity:
Cognitive problems

Heat Intolerance
Emotional Lability
Sleep problems
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This is a much better list.  I have a lot of muscle wkns. and sometimes barly noticable tremmors.  I don't know what to call it, so i journal it.
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yep, a good list. i too can get check one or more from each of those groups listed. i can think of another one that a little blue pill and some herbs helps. maybe that is better grouped in the "i just feel like s***" mood or Anxiety? beats me folks....
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Some additions


Gait problems:
  foot drop

Movement disorders (instead of muscle disorders)

  Uncontrollable movements (dyskinesia)
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Good lists. I just started the Tracker and would like to see several of these on there.

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Others are itching, stabbing pain in scalp, light sensitivity,facial pain,lancinating pain like in one finger,someone said paresthesias--also dysthesias,menthol feelings all over--I'm sure there's more to this disease, but we're sure getting there! ARG!  Jane
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We also should have somewhere:
extreme cold sensitivity as well as cold feet
NUMBNESS/tingling (for those who don't recognize paresthesias)
slurred speech
tongue and mouth numbness
muscle aching
I thought of a couple more earlier but forgot them already. Will be back. LOL Jane
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There is another forum that has a tracker.  It allows you to type in your own symptoms or to choose from a list.  The list seems to be generated form the members symptoms as they are added.  It acts kinda like Google, where you type in a few letters and suggestions are made in a drop down list or you can continue to type your own.  Maybe Medhelp could do something like this?

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Don't forget that symptoms like burning, numbness, tingling, pinprick pains, cold sensations, etc - all those are paresthesia.  

I dunno about pain as a separate symptom, as it's either paresthesia or spasticity or spasms, right?  Is there a pain that can be classified by itself?
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Thanks for getting us started, Jen! This is an excellent list!

loss of smell
changes in hearing
internal shivering
Trigeminal neuralgia pain and soreness
ear canal itching
judgment problems

brain still works--just takes awhile lol
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Oh, My! Been having blocking trouble for a couple days! I guess I should have the following MS symptom on MY tracking: stubborness

I flat refused to entertain the idea that block could mean unblock and unblock could mean block--until some nice people put it in black and white for me to read in June, 2008    Now I know! Jane
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