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Need opinion on a facial symptom

I am new here and am just starting my journey to a diagnosis. I am a nearly 51 y/o active male in generally good health. I went to my PCP last Friday because I was experiencing a very weird sensation on the left side of my face along with painful shoulders, elbows and wrists, and eye symptoms and frequent behind the eye headaches. Thinking I might have giant cell arteritis and sudden and permanent blindness is possible, I got an appointment. The exam and subsequent blood test pretty much ruled that out but my doc was stumped by my facial symptoms, so he scheduled me for a neuro consult. Here are a few more details.

About three weeks ago, I found that numerous times during the day it felt like I had long bangs that were hanging over my left eyebrow but just out of sight. Of course, there was nothing there but the feeling. As that feeling started spreading to my hairline, down across my cheek and back to the temple, I also started to get frequent headaches right behind my eyes and my visual acuity just didn't feel right...like my eyes were fighting to stay in alignment. I am now starting to experience similar feelings on the other side of my face now as well and am getting random outbreaks of paresthesia (pins and needles) on my scalp and other places. This evening, I did some quick digging in the garden and for the past two hours, the bottoms of my feet feel like they are on fire. Also, my upper arms and shoulder muscles are burning strangely and sore disproportionally to the amount of dirt I moved.

I have pretty much ruled out GCA, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Bells Palsy, Shogrens, and RA. As I look through the symptoms for MS, things start to add up and many of the strange unexplained symptoms I have had in the last year come back to mind. Like in October of this year, I had an outbreak of itchy lower legs that no topical cream could tame. I have had bouts of unexplained fatigue where it feels like someone stuck a syringe in my and sucked out 50% of my energy.

Am I totally off base thinking this may be MS? Has anyone else had the strange facial feelings I am?

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I think my PCP is happy to defer to the Neurologist and let him do the neuro exam, scheduled for 2/9.
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Did they do a neurological exam? That is reflexes, following the finger with your eyes, balance, and such? If that was abnormal then following up with a neurologist makes sense.

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