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OT - Time to Dream

I am a Restaurant Manager, and have been for many years.  It's a physically and emotionally draining career.  I have several gardens and wonder often what it would be like to be able to build a career around them, even though we only have a few months here in MN. I love to sketch out garden designs and gather seeds.

If you could build any career you wanted, what would it be????? Anything!

Dream Big!
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My all time favorite job was working in a garden center - playing in the diret and growing things for others to enjoy was wonderful.  i've never met a grouchy gardener, even when the bugs are devouring the crops and the weather is wrecking every last plot they stay happy about their hobby.  It was always a joy to go to work.

Career?  I would love to be a concert pianist.  i struggled with piano lessons for at least 8 years and never could get the left and right hands to work together.  But what a thrill it would be to sit down and play masterpieces, and especially without music but from memory!  

If not a pianist then perhaps an astronaut!

big enough?
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I would own an animal rescue for unwanted and abused animals....that would be my dream and I dream about it often..

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I have a similar dream as saveone - working with a dog rescue or shelter.  

I don't know if my soft heart could handle it full time though...I do some volunteering already & it is very hard to see what people do to animals.  I know I could never run one - I wouldn't be able to let any of them go!

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I would be a RN. I had almost 2 years, then my daughter interferred. 24 years later, I was getting ready to go back to school..yep.then my son appeared. He's now almost 20, but I'm too old and crippled up now. Oh well.Life happens.

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Great dreams!  Anyone else?
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I'd be a nurse midwife and deliver babies.  I think pregnancy and delivery are amazing!  

(My midwife had 4 deliveries the night that my third daughter was born, after being in the office all day, and in the picture of her "catching" my dd, she had the biggest smile on her face!  What a thrill it would have to be to help women and babies at that special time!)

After being in graduate school for 9 years (total, including time off to have three children), I can't stand the thought of going back to school, so, for now, I'm sticking with being an economist...  :-)

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I am lucky to have my dream job as an animal artist. Well I worked hard to make it happen. My studio is a separate building on the property.

I did animal rescue and wildlife rescue. I do not miss it.

I like having time for the five animals I have. Anymore and they would be short changed.


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Think I'd like to be a florist - I did a year of night classes and then fell pregnant with my son, the feel and smell of dried flowers (and just about everything else) made me feel sick and still does but I did enjoy it
Val  x
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Oooh, lets's see...I think about doing a Masters in Public Health, sometimes.  But I'm one of those, who, when the urge to go to grad school strikes, I lie down until the urge passes ;^)

I'm already a passionate gardener, so Landscape Architecture is right up there.  Floral arrangement, interior decoration (though my place could be termed "decaying antique hippie vernacular" LOL).

I play guitar strictly for fun!  I've seen my pro friends killing themselves on the road, constantly marketing, NOPE! Not for me!!

Cool Thread!
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