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Ponesimod- Oral Drug Trial

Well I found out some interesting, exciting news today about the oral drug trial that I am on. To date the drug has just had a number and it was called Actellion 128800 and it has now been given a name PONESIMOD.

The results of the first stage trial that I have been on have been very positive and have now been published and if anyone is interested they can search for this on the web and there are lots of articles in Pharma Times or on the Actellion web site (this is the Pharmaceutical Company).  I found out that there are 464 people on my drug trial.
I am now on this drug for another 18 months and then there will hopefully be an extension trial for participants of the Phase 2 Drug Trial.

The exciting news is that they are hoping to take this into a Phase 3 Clinical Drug Trial which will be a much wider study and I believe will be available in UK and Europe so if you live on this side of the great pond, you have RRMS and have not been on a DMD and may have been recently diagnosed then you may want to look into it. I can only speak from my experience that being on a drug trial has been positive and this is a way of getting onto an oral drug (when Gilenya is not going to be available as a first line treatment due to expense). Ask your neurology consultant where the nearest centre is that is offering clinical drug trials.

Anyhow I just thought that this may be of interest and it is encouraging to know that all this research is being done.

Hope everyone is doing OK on the forum. I have posted in my journal today about my latest drug trial visits (but nothing very exciting..had a brain MRI scan today with gadolinium dye.)

Cheers for now folks

Sarah x
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Hey Sarah,

Sounds very promising, it might even end up on my side of the world during phase 3 trials, well anythings possible!

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Wow Sarah!!

Such great news!  I'm happy for you that you are on the experimental drug and that it is having such a positive impact.  This is so encouraging.  It will be interesting to see when it will be available here in the US.  

I'm so happy for you----many hugs

XX  Red
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