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Possible ms symptoms

1. Low grade reoccurring fever x 3 weeks
2. Fatigue
3. Tremors right hand dominant x 1 week
4. Tics/twitches (severity x 1 week. long history of)
5. Numbness tingling burning hands feet and face intermittent x 1 week
6. Balance issues x 1 week
7. Blurry vision left eye dominant x 2 weeks
8. Itchy face x 1 week
9. Watery eye reoccurring left  dominant x 3 weeks
10. Weakness general arms legs head x 3 weeks
11. No appititie x 1 week
12. Nausea/vommiting x 1 week
13. Dizziness reoccurring/feeling faint x 3 weeks
14. Speech issues (stuttering intermittent random) x 1 week
15. Pressure in eyes/head x 1 week
16. Reoccurring intermittent diarrhea x 2 weeks
17. Racing heart /pressure in chest mostly constant x 1 week
18. Sleep issues (feel worse laying down extreme fatigue dizzy) x 2 days
19. Internal vibrations feeling mostly constant x 1 week
20. Tinnitus x 1 year

I've been to the ER when my whole body was convulsing on last thursday. They said it was a drug interaction to the single dose of tesselon perle I had been given early the day due to bronchitus, Monday symptoms persisted doctor said it was possibly from the low dose 50mg once daily seroquel I had been on, however nothing seems to add up and Google keeps suggesting ms. So I'm curious if others think my symptoms suggest the same. If so how do I get my doctors to believe me?
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Hi and welcome,

The main reason google will always bring up neurological conditions like MS in symptom searches is because MS is associated with balance issues, numbness, tingling as well as hundreds of other symptoms simply because MS is a condition that affects the central nervous system BUT what googling symptoms won't give you is a way to  match your specific list of symptoms, pattern and time frame with any specific medical condition.

Your extensive symptom list, symptom pattern and short time frame are all generally pointing away from neurological conditions like MS being a likely causation....basically the way lesion damage works, present and develop over time, neurological conditions wouldn't even get on the list of possible causes because you have too much happening that honestly doesn't fit, is happening too fast, is all over, in all peripheral limbs etc and would combined generally be more likely consistent- suggestive of something else....

It's possible the dr's were talking about secondary drug adverse effects making things worse and your focusing on these symptoms all began 3 weeks ago so drug side effects doesn't make sense as the cause........from my lay person understanding it would be suggestive of it beginning with an infection or virus eg 1. Low grade reoccurring fever x 3 weeks, 9. Watery eye reoccurring left  dominant x 3 weeks,
10. Weakness general arms legs head x 3 weeks, 13. Dizziness reoccurring/feeling faint x 3 weeks with further symptoms being added in the following weeks as it progressed unabated.

It is actually possible for your daily medication of seroquel to of helped prolong the reaction, basically created a combined drug adverse reaction because seroquel has hundreds of medication known to cause combined interaction issues, the adverse side effects of these drugs would be hard to ignore with the timing...

You've mentioned being treated for bronchitis which is  very common and it is caused by virus infections in over 95% of case with the minority caused by bacteria so you are most likely dealing with a fairly common viral infection and unfortunately experienced a rare adverse reaction to the Tesselon perle to suppress the cough, which can cause convulsions.  

I hope that helps.......JJ
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