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Question about MS

Hello. I am just wondering if MS can affect multiple body parts on one side within a small range of time(around 3ish weeks)? For example- I have been experiencing parenthesia like feelings on left side of my face. Sometimes it will travel to the right side but mostly on my left. Also I have tightness in my left hand and slightly up my arm. And I get a numb feeling in my left foot on the sole near my pinky toe. And most recently, I was laughing with my mom and this usually doesn't happen to me but I peed a little bit. I couldn't control it- it just came out. I'm very concerned about these symptoms. And to add to this- I got the depo provera shot around feb. 5th and all of these symptoms started happening after so I am not sure if it could a deficiency of some sort but I have also read that deficiency normally affect both sides? Can someone please explain to me what is happening and that I'm not just paranoid? Because these symptoms are very real
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I have also been seeing an increase in clear floaters in my left eye. I am not sure if this a problem or not. I have anxiety but it has definitely increased since noticing these symptoms.
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Hi and welcome,

I am sure what you are experiencing is real but I wouldn't be thinking of neurological conditions like MS, the sensory issue on your face moves from the left side to the right, MS is caused by lesions in the brain and or spinal cord and MS lesion damage can't cause an issue to move from one side of the body to the other.

Unilateral symptoms are more typical in MS than bilateral but what you've described could literally be caused by lots of things or even be a none issue type of thing with your anxiety connecting and making things more noticeable to you at the moment..

eg You had the depo provera shot about the same time, which could be completely coincidental but it's also possible for you to be having adverse sensory reactions to the depo provera, any numbness, tingling or weakness after a shot should be brought to the attention of your doctor, it's typically not serious though.  

'Stress incontinence' happens when you sneeze, cough, laugh, jog, or do other things that put pressure on your bladder, it's the most common type of bladder issue in women but it's not the same issue as Neurogenic bladder dysfunction.    

Floaters are common and typically harmless and normal, the jelly breaks off and forms floaters, which can be lots of different shapes and sizes. When you first notice them they stand out more but eventually, your brain usually becomes accustomed to the floaters and basically stops bringing them to your attention.

Hope that helps...........JJ

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So ms also wouldn't come on this quickly? I have been looking into anemic disorders
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It's not so much the length of time you need to consider but more importantly the lack of association, what you've specifically mentioned are not typically the type of things that would ever be suggestive of a neurological condition like MS.....the only way i can work out how you could be wondering about MS, is to assume each issue you've specifically mentioned is more than what you've described and overlook MS basics to get it to fit into an MS symptom list.

Unfortunately googling symptoms doesn't differentiate one issue from something totally different and IF you are experiencing anxiety about your health, the last thing you should be doing is googling medical conditions, as googling will typically exacerbate anxiety which wouldn't be helping!

Going to see your family doctor and getting basic blood tests would be the better option to finding out if you do have a vitamin deficiency (eg Iron, vit B, vit D, folate etc) or not and whilst your there, you should mention the sensory issues that have been happening and your increased anxiety since you had the depo provera shot, because it may be a coincidence or related and your doctor is better qualified to help you than dr google will ever be...

Good luck........JJ
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Can ms symptoms come and go within 3 weeks? Like one day one symptoms is a lot more prevalent than another and then a couple days later another symptom pops up
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Also sometimes when I press down on certain areas of my body, it cause another body part to go numb or tingly for a second? For example my nose. If I press down on it my cheek goes numb for a second. Etc etc
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