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Question about fatigue

I am curious if anyone feels like an increase in symptoms typically coincides with fatigue? I have been noticing that the times when I feel like I just cannot keep my eyes open for one more second are typically correlated with a worsening of my typical unresolved issues with parasthesia (I'm sure that isn't spelled correctly!) in my neck/face, pain in my arm, and that feeling of being swollen in my hand.

Or does fatigue affect you singularly?

Cheryl (who is about to fall over!)
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Right there with you, Cheryl -- falling over, that is ;).  I've been struggling with awful fatigue since December.  It needs to stop.  For me, normal fatigue brings back old symptoms such as double vision (intermittent), and inability to think clearly.  It also contributes to more issues with right side weakness but not as  much.

If it's paired with actual sleep deprivation for whatever reason, then it causes relapses.  Otherwise, it just brings back things intermittently until I rest again.
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Fatigue usually makes symptoms worse. Mild exercise can help. There are drugs like ritalin or adderral to help.

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Hi there! My fatigue makes everything worse.

My cog fog, my weakness and my vision all go to pot when I am overtired. If I get past that point I actually will have muscles start to shake.

I will walk downstairs and my legs just wobble. My hand tremors get infinitely worse and most recently I have had what I can only describe as internal shaking. I thought I must be cold and shivering but I looked and my arms were still and the skin was not cool to the touch. It lasted a couple of days and it freaked me out. I was very glad to have that transient symptom gone.

I also get a funky thumb that moves on its own left to right. Drives me batty.

All of this to say that fatigue is potentially our biggest enemy.

If it is any consolation my first year with MS was my worst from a fatigue perspective. Once you learn some tricks and alter some behaviors you will have fewer incidents.

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Thanks everyone! I guess it's a chicken & egg thing. I was wondering if the Sx increase was causing fatigue or the other way around. In the end, it really doesn't matter, does it...

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