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Rapid Vision Loss???

Hellooooo! Sorry I haven't been on here as often as I would like - you know I have so much going on with me medically right now (now down to 88 lbs.) and this week I have at least one doctor's appt each day along with trying to work FT - not sure how long this is going to last.

Anyways, I went to see my neuro yesterday for my monthly appt with her. I told her that my vision s getting worse and worse. When I saw the opthamologist in July he checked my vision twice because it had gone down so much since the last time I had an appt with him just a year before this one was in July.  She checke my vision yesterday and now it's already 20/50 in both eyes with my new glasses on (that I just purchased 6 months ago).  She told me that she doesn't think vision decreases that rapidly with MS and wants me to go see an eye doctor right away. Of course with 20/50 I'm not legally allowed to drive with that vision, but I still feel safe to drive (or I wouldn't drive).  Does that sound bad?  :-(  Actually, that's not my question.

My question is - has anyone else had this problem or know of someone else with MS that has had this problem?  She said she doesn't think it's optic neuritis - I don't think it is either because it's presenting much differently than any optic neuritis I've had - it's typically much more acute, not like this.

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Hi Kelly - I can't speak to your vision issues, other than to say if your vision is qualified as legally blind you should not be driving.

This is from WebMD:

"A person with 20/50 vision can clearly see something 20 feet away that a person with normal vision can see clearly from a distance of 50 feet."

30 feet happens in a heart beat when driving.

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Hi Kell,

Because she doesn't think it's ON, It's good she is sending you to a specialist straight away to make a determination on what is going on.

I agree with Kyle about driving. You are working FT, dealing with so much, and a chronic disease+ ...Please, please re-consider driving yourself. Look any and all alternatives that leaves you not behind the wheel.

Our minds are amazing, and can easily lull you into thinking you can do it because you have been pulling it off. But, truth is, your not seeing "all" you would with better vision. It's just a simple fact.  

Be safe, get to that eye specialist and tackle this girl :)
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Yeah, you're both right. I'm probably not thinking correctly right now. I probably shouldn't be driving. I don't want to get hurt or, more importantly, hurt anyone else.
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Much Better :-)
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OK Kelly girl, you aren’t blind yet - legally or illegally.  The definition of legally blind is actually 20/200 in the BEST eye WITH CORRECTIVE LENSES.  I doubt you’d be considering anything but a white cane if your eyes were that bad.

As for driving in Colorado with ‘impaired’ vision - a quick internet search reveals the minimum visual acuity to qualify for an UNRESTRICTED license is 20/40.  There is however NO minimum requirement if a vision specialist authorizes and approves driving privileges for an individual.

I’m not suggesting that you do or do not drive.  I just urge you to consider the decision carefully and objectively - especially at night or when weather decreases visibility.  I’m sure you’ve doing this on your own anyway.  It’s who you are.

I’ve also had some rather profound vision changes in the last year or two.  It’s hard to tell exactly how much because some of my refractions were of less than stellar quality.  (I’ve found my new optometrist does a MUCH better job than the techs at the ophthalmologist’s office.)

I had an exam done just a few months after buying a new pair of glasses.  The place that makes my glasses recommended it when I couldn’t see well and kept going in for frame adjustments.  The Rx I needed was so different that the doc had me come back three days later for a repeat exam.  At that time he discovered another variation and had to write a hybrid-type script.

The optometrist also discovered a big factor in my vision difficulties is an extremely rapid evaporation of tear film following each blink (aka Dry Eye Disease) even though my eyes seldom felt dry.  He said it’s most likely another manifestation of autoimmune disease and started me on Restasis drops.  My vision didn’t suddenly improve with the drops but it is certainly more stable now.  It had been quite variable throughout each day before.

I also think rapid muscle fatigue from MS challenges my eye muscles as much as any other muscle in my body.  Nothing’s easy anymore, eh?

Get this checked out Kelly.  A quick exam at the neuro isn’t necessarily very accurate.  You need more on this one.  Here’s hoping it’s something relatively simple - or at least something ho-hum normal.  Perhaps advancing age?!  Sorry.  Couldn’t resist ;)
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Yep, I know the 20/200 is legally blind. Kyle just had said it in passing.  

I have an appt set for the 25th of this month. I wish that I could get in sooner.  My opthalmologist is on vacation until mid March, so I'm seeing another one in his office.  That would be great if they could just give me drops for something like what you have, Mary.  Or maybe it's just rapid onset old age.  ;-)    I do notice when driving that my vision is much worse at night and especially when the roads are wet at night.
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