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Rash like pain with no rash

On Sunday afternoon I was painting the sides of our shed...now this only amounted to two sheets measuring 8'X4' and it didn't take long.  While I was painting my hand was giving me a lot of pain but that was about it and when I was done it was fine.

However, on Monday I got up and under my arm the skin felt as if there was a rash on it (liken it to a rash from rough clothing against your skin) but there is nothing there!  As the day progressed the pain progressed and by the time I went to bed last night the pain had grown to include the whole underarm area and also my shoulder blade area on my back.  It felt as though the skin was on fire and yet there was no redness or anything.  It was very sensitive to touch and I was unable to lie on that side when I went to bed.

Could this be a paresthesia or just some sort of muscle thing?  My muscles in my arm are not bothering me at all but the burning skin is really uncomfortable.  Any ideas?

Lots of Hugs,

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Hi there... I get that feeling quite often, I don't know what it is...and it's one of the things I don't seem to remember to tell the Dr or write it down...I guess if it's not bad enough to remember then it doesn't mean much..??  I may be wrong...hehehe

take care
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This pain has not let up all day and is still about the same intensity and is really quite painful!  I recall that after I was having severe muscle spasms in my thighs last fall and afterward I had a similar pain below my right knee extending down into my calf.  It lasted quite a while but this pain is in a crease and therefore even more painful...anybody got any guesses or answers?

Lots of hUgs,

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Hey Rena -
It sounds to me like shingles.  Do not be fooled, you DO NOT have to have the actual rash to have shingles.  Hallmarks of shingles are severe pain and the area to remain on one side (if you said it hurt on BOTH shoulders, it would not be shingles - the virus never crosses the midline).  Picture your innerbody as a tree with branches outstretching.   These brances are nerve endings.  When shingles occurs, it affects say, one tree limb, and all the branches off of that limb.  Thus, the area you describe would fit that description as well as the type of pain - which is an intense burning.
Shingles is a form of the varicella-zoster virus (a form of herpes virus) that is the same virus responsible for chicken pox.  Once someone has chix pox, the virus lies dormant in your system until somehting triggers it.  It usually affects the elderly, or immuno-compromised people, as their immune system is less able to fight it off.
I suggest you go to your GP asap and have it checked out, as it can be treated if found early enough.  Anti-viral meds are given, howeever, they dont always work.  These include Valtrex, valcyclovir, alcyclovir, etc.  The only other treatment is pain medication such as percocet or vicodin, as it is a very painful condition.  Again, you DO NOT need a rash to have shingles (I have, unfortunately had it three times...only once did I get the whole rash).   Good luck, and please get it checked out as soon as you can...
Love Lauri
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Also, the anti-virals can lessen the time you have the virus.  This is a really good thing as shingles can last up to a month or more...(sorry!).  The last online friend I thought had shingles did as well so, please, call your doc asap, OK?
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I agree it could be shingles, which I suffer from on occasion, but have never had the pain without a break out. Pain usually starts and is unbearable then have a breakout 2 or 3 days later.

It could also be the nerve pain that Quix often mentions.  I have this also.

It is a horrible pain, much like the pain with shingles, and usually there is no explanation.  I can hardly stand for clothes to touch the area when I am having this pain.  I have it in different places, but mine is most times in my legs.

You should talk to your dr about this, but seeing as your drs are %#@!&*%$, I don't know what to tell you.  Maybe Quix will chime in here with an answer.

Hope you feel better...whether it is nerve pain or shingles.......they both are horrible!

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Well being that the pain is much better today (so far) I believe that it is probably nerve pain...being that it is only under my right arm and spread over the collar bone and back over my shoulder blade I don't think it is shingles as they usually affect the trunk of the body. I appreciate your reponses but I really think it is nerve pain and like you say Doni, it is horrible...can't stand to have anything touch it!

I won't bother going to the useless dr.'s I have...a waste of my time I figure and I have done enough of that...if it gets worse I will go to a medi-center though and see if they can help me although I am sure they will advise me to see my regular dr. anyway!  (what a joke)    So basically I will ride it out an hope that it won't worse again but will let you know if there is any change.  Thanks so much for your input!

Lots ofHugs,

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I'm glad to hear it's getting better.  

I get what I call a sunburn feeling a lot, mostly right on top of my cheekbones but I can get it other places, too.  I get werid pains and burns in my hands esp. if I do something dexterous, like putting shevles together or whatever.

Usually, this is just a feeling, but sometimes, I DO TURN RED!  Only when it is really bad, though.  I've freaked myself out before coming out of the ladies' room at work and seeing a bright red Wonko in the mirror!  Usually my face and onto my neck.  

My office is obnoxiously chilly, so it is not a normal heat-induced flush.  Pretty weird.  I even called my mom once, thinking I was having hot flashes!

Of course, I have no diagnosis and your MS is "inactive," so you're probably right, no need to see the dr. unless it worsens.  My, I am feeling vicious today.  Maybe that's a good sign that my spirits are up!

Do keep an eye on it, despite my sarcasm and your forward retreat health care system, you may end up needing to see the doc.

Good luck & take care!
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