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Results so far......................

Thank you everyone for your very kind words of support.

went for the Echo today, and she couldn’t find the exact problem with my Colon as it was too full of – you know what – and said that an Echo was not the type of scan I needed, but a more invasive scan to see what is going on, and to count how many

On the report it does not mention my Colon, just that everything else is normal, and that the advice is have – not sure if I have this wording correct – a colonscopy, or  MRI. Because of the full Colon and polyps.

The pain is bad – I kid you not – and it has set off my ectopic heartbeats again, which I am putting down to the stress.

She did say that it doesn’t look good ( not told my DH about that yet)  as she was unable to see how many Polyps (sp) polyps that I have

It’s going to be a long weekend.

Hugs to you all,

!Debs xxxxx
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sorry to hear this, I had a colonoscopy last year and it's not a fun thing to have.  The Dr seems to feel you have polyps to be taken off?  When do you see your other Dr and have they booked you for the colonoscopy or MRI yet?  

hang in there friend...
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I don't really know what has been happening with you but just know that I will say a prayer for you that you are ok and feel better soon.
Take Care!
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Hi W:)))

I hav my next appoint on Monday with my regular Dr,

What happens with a Colonsocpy?  I have no idea.  However I remember yiou haviing one last year!


Debs xxxxxxxxxxxx
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Oh Debs,
You are not yet of the age of mandatory colonoscopies, obviously, or you would know what this entails.  You can research it on line and it will sound perfectly disgusting.  

Trust me when I say you can live through it - I've had one (actually due for another in January) and lived to tell.  The prep is the worst part - you have to drink mass quantities of stuff that will cleanse your colon -  the night of my prep I read half of a book while sitting in the loo. Seriously.  

The procedure is done under anesthesia, so you feel nothing and there is no recovery period if they don't find any polyps to remove.  

It sounds like it really is necessary to figure out your problem.  

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Lulu is right about a colonoscopy being no big deal of a test. I have had 2 of them over the years. The first one was done in a docotrs office with no anesthesia ( gives you some idea of how long ago it was done.)

The second one was done at the VA hospital as the now sedate you. But again no big deal. I even had 2 polups removed and still was able to leave as soon as the anesthesia wore off. Actually they went in both ends on me as I was also have a lot of acid reflux problems.


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Sorry you have to have a colonoscopy. I hope they set you to rights soon. Try not to worry.

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The prep part of colonoscopies is disgusting. The procedure is simple and you're not even aware of it.

I've had two, the last one in April 09, and have had polyps removed both times. I have the pretty pink pictures showing what they did   :-{

If your problem is in the colon, this will certainly show it, and as a repulsive bonus you will be thoroughly cleansed, and can start anew to deal with your digestion. Please don't worry now. The odds are overwhelming that nothing horrible is wrong.

If you'll promise not to borrow trouble, I'll promise to buck you up for days and weeks to come.

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