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Social Security Disability?

I was talking with another community member, and we were kind of discussing social security disability. We were wondering, once someone has a Dx of MS, is it fairly easy to qualify for disability benefits?  Or what kind of requirements are there?  Just wondering....

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Hi, Kelly-

I am undx'ed with MS, but I did succeed in getting SSDI and SSI.   From my 2+ years going through the motions and jumping through governmental hoops, I learned about the process pretty well.  

I know that the absolute only thing they focus on is your ability to work.  While there are codes that they use for different diseases and such, I do not believe that it really matters much to them what disease the person has.  At least it was that way with the board that reviewed my case.  

I don't know if this helps answer your question or not.  I hope so!  :)

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Kelly, I have heard it go both ways.  I know a young mother with two children with fatigue so bad she can't work yet she is still waiting (after a year) to get SSDI.  I know others that have been given it in two months without a question.  It really doesn't make sense on how the cases are handled.  Why some are given it right away and others struggle to receive it is beyond any reasoning.
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I have been denied three times, and am in the appeals process right now. I initally applied over three years ago.....I was only dx with MS a year ago, so, I hope that now that I have a dx they will approve me.
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I was diagnosed with MS, in December 2009, and applied for SSI and SSD.
By the time I was to be awarded SSI, I was awarded SSD, in May 2010, retroactive to January 2010.  I was told, at the time of applying, that MS was an "automatic", meaning that having MS, was an automatic acceptance for SSD, and for me, it was.  I cannot speak, for anyone else, accept myself.

Take care and may God bless, you and yours.

-- Socrates2k1
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It kind of sounds like what I thought - some are approved - some aren't (at least not the first time).  
If you are unable to work and you get SSDI, are you allowed to be on someone else's medical insurance - or is that a no-no? I'm not sure how it all works. For instance, if I were to be on SSDI, would I still be allowed to get my partners medical insurance, or would I have to get some sort of state medical?

I see that it says that you have to be unable to work.  Would that mean that you need to quit your job, then try to apply for SSDI - or can you apply while you are still working?

Thank you!
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For disability, you'll need to prove that you haven't worked in six months.  If you have short-term or long-term disability, you'll need to talk to your HR department about your options.  I think that being on somebody else's insurance is just fine, and you can use it as a supplemental to Medicaid.
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If you're on SSDI would you still get your DMDs covered?  Or do you lose that kind of medical coverage?  Right now I'm on Copaxone.  Do people who are on SSDI lose this?

Thanks again for your comments!
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Are you in Canada Kelly?  I for my disability in Canada, but fought for it for 2 years, kinda like Addi did.    
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good morning   kelly,

I  am not sure what you are asking.
Do you mean   if you are onn medicare?

once    someonne is approved to SSDI it is two years to have medicare. That is the date of from what you are   deemed disableed by them.
in the mean  time you can continue on what insurannce you have, private or group and coverage would be the same .

If you sign   up for medicare, you would have  toooo choose a medicare-D (for pharmacy) program.

It is very confusing, I know.
i hope this makes sence.   amo

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I am in the US.
Yes, it is kind of confusing. I had always thought that Medicare was only for people over a certain age.  I didn't realize that it was also for people who are disabled, too.


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Medicare is given early without the two year wait period for those needing assistance...It is not a rule set in stone ..the two year wait.
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hum, thanks sumana,
I thogut that was when State Medicaid would have coverage , until medicare came in play. good to know.

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