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TN will T3 codine help?

does anyone know if Tynenol 3s with codine help the pain of TN... I'm heading to the dentist tomorrow for him to look at my mouth incase it's that and not TN?  Its been over three days and still alot of pain on right side of face from above my ears, down to under jaw line..all teeth on right side are in pain.. I need to know if I have an infection or what?

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I had a problem last summer with severe face jaw pain, the odds were either TMJ, or TN. And yes, vicodine was what was perscribed. It helped a lot, maybe 50%. It ended up being a displaced disc in the jaw joint. The pain was all over the right side of my face, and couldn't hardly open my mouth, so it was quite severe. The dx'd it as TMD. So I know how you feel. Also try cold or hot compresses if you can tolerate them. Hope you feel better soon. Take 2, and call your dentist in the morning.

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I've read that narcotics don't help very much for TN pain.  That said, I've taken a percoset on occasion (left over from surgery) when the pain was really bad and it did seem to help (or maybe make me care less??)  But I don't know if it would work long term.  

Good luck finding out.  My first sx of TN (other than the years of tingling in my cheek) was all my teeth hurting.

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I'm taking gabapentin for TN which seems to work.  I don't know about codeine because I've never have done well using codeine for any kind of pain. I hope the pain subsides, and your dentist figures out what the problem is.  

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thanks for the replies, this morning my mouth is feeling alot better, not completely gone, just feeling numb... my ear is still abit sore and jaw when I move my jaw.. ???  

I'll wait abit and see how I feel in a few hours, then call the scarey dentist if its not better, or feels worse.. I am so nervous of dentists.

thanks for answering and the T3 helped me fall asleep.. I needed to take two of them..

take care
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I went to the dentist, he checked my mouth and shook his head?  He said it doesn't seem to be from my teeth, but I should get a few taken out??  that's when I shook my head?

he said from my description of my pain and the teeth sensitivity, he can't say for sure what is going on.  He would like to take out a couple of teeth that are doing nothing in the back of my mouth.

he said I don't have any at the bottom and the ones he wants to take out are at the top right side...he feels they might be bothering my sinuses and that MIGHT be the cause of Right side face pain?  

He said they are doing anything, so I can take them out of the picture and if it helps Great...if not, then it's probably TN...

so now, I have to get some teeth taken out.. I HATE NEEDLES..
and teeth pulled out... OH MY..

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I'm thinking, valuable as I consider the teeth I have remaining, I'd get a second opinion before anybody yanked any of 'em outta there.  Maybe that's just me.

You described the T3 reaction as I'd have expected.  Makes you sleepy, so if it still hurts, you don't notice t as much and can get a night's rest.  Codeine (like most opiates) will slow down the intestines, though, so drink lots of fluids, eat fruit, etc.
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