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The Week of the 21st

What is everyone up to?

Not much new in my life this week.

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Hi, Alex.

Maybe not much is new (yet) because you have the wrong week!! This is the 14th.

Not a lot going on with me either.

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Nothing medical going on this week for me.

My daughter has her pre-K "graduation" on Wednesday night, though the last day of school is not until the 23rd LOL.

I will sign up for my online courses either today or tomorrow ("breathe, Jess, it's ok to spend that amount of money on yourself....").

I have a smallish order for the candies I make for this weekend, so I will work on that this week. My hubby just went yesterday and picked up an upright freezer one of my friends mom did not need, so that will help with the candy production.

Today I have my two middle boys (age 11 and almost 8) home from school. So far it is just a headache and slight fever. I've got them set up in their room and hopefully I can keep it from spreading to the rest of the monkeys.

And, Friday night we are going to the drive in to see Toy Story 3. I'm not sure what the second feature is going to be. I hope it'll be Shrek 4...that was very good and I'd love to see it again!

I hope everyone has a great week!
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Just back to the Monday work grind.  I do work at home, which is nice.  Also trying to just stay in the cool air-conditioning a lot.

Yesterday, I tried to sweep my above-ground pool, which put me in bed early afternoon with right eye pain, head/neck/shoulder pain, and had to take the old muscle relaxant.  I woke up early with that darn old base of skull headache, but once I readjust my neck in bed, I can get it to go away.

Feeling pretty good now today.  


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lol, Alex  ;0)

I am going to Pulmonary Function test today at 1 pm.  
Tuesday daughter has pre-op appointment for surgery on toes
Saturday great-niece 2nd birthday party I am going to try to go to (she wears me out!)

I am coloring my hair this week, darn it!!  Too much gray!  
Keep working on timeline for USC appointment and get all med records together
Read a book - just because it sounds like a good idea...

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You scared me, Alex,because I leave on vacation June 25 and thought I had lost a week!  LOL

This week - last day of work for the summer is tomorrow.  :-)

Company is here until Thursday and I really am enjoying every moment.

Friday I take the road trip to Columbus for what is probably my last cog fog therapy and another ride through the 7T.  

So yes, my week is crammed full.  Somewhere in there I need to do my hair, too - not the gray but the roots are showing!!!  

be well, Lulu
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Mon, Tue, & Thur are PT... Not sure how well that will go with swollen left foot from ant bite and the recent addition of tremors in my right leg. Couldn't I have just one leg working right for a change? :)

But lets not leave out Wed... That is when they are going to install DirecTV in my home...Have to get up early that day so probably no sleep the night before :(

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You make it sound like an amusement park ride.  lol  Okay kids, lets go get in line for the 7T!  

Well heck, what is the name of that amusement park over by you?  It's going to drive me crazy cause I can't remember the name.  lol  I went a couple of times before moving out this way, but sure enjoyed it then.  

I'm sticking my tongue out...can you see the name on the tip of it??  It is there, I swear!

Keep enjoying your company!

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Monday - Returned to work part-time after a 2 month absence recovering from a relapse and surger.

Tuesday - ENT appointment
Wed - Friday - Working part-time.  

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I'm asking my neuro for a lab slip for liver function tests tomorrow.  I'm exhausted and weak, and I just want to make sure the Tysabri isn't trashing my liver.

Work today, Thurs. and Fri.  Dinner tonight with my daughter, my DH, sister, her partner, etc. It's my big 52!!

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I am blaming it on starting Lyrica. I take 75mg at night but it leaves me loopy all day. I am seeing the Doctor today yesterday I ran a red light! I realized it right after wards.Thank goodness it was Sunday and no traffic on the road.

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last time i wrote my whole year calendar. I will be careful this time and say
I am working on getting the company budget related software and fixes.
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