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I've been thinking of posting this for sometime as it seems funny but just wondered if anyone else experiences the same.

I get a sudden wave of pin and needles in my limbs when I yawn! This only happens with what I would call a proper big yawn if you know what I mean.

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Having spent a bit of time googling Yawning it has suggested this is possible L'Hermitte's sign!
Any further info or ideas would be appreciated.

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L'Hermitte's sign?  I guess that would be the case with pandiculation, not simple yawning.  Pandiculation is a yawn with the "big stretch"  - arms extended and back bending.  I would also wonder if the pain after yawning might be metabolic.  According to evolutionary biology, primates yawn when the CO2 level rises too high or the blood becomes acidic (respiratory or metabolic acidosis.)   The yawn caused CO2 to be blown off and the blood pH to rise.  

Lots of science regarding blood gasses, etc.  Anyhow, the changes in blood chemistry and CO2 are known to effect the brain.  Respiratory drive is a primitive function of the  PONS.  The drive is controlled by the level of CO2 in the blood, not the lack of Oxygen.  Since CO2 effects this lower brain function, it could also be effecting other pain centers in the brain stem.

Just an idea,

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Interesting thread.  We had a similar thread a couple of months ago.  

I have the L'Hermittes sign when I put my head down certain ways.

Bob, I really appreciate the time and effort you bring to our community.  

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Thanks Bob for that in depth but understandable answer.

It would appear that some o fmy other symptoms are related to the brain stem too. So it is quite likely this is what is happening.
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I can't remember what the name of it is, but pins and needles are a sign of nerve damage, and if you stimulate certain spots along the nerve, you'll get a wave of pins and needles along the appendage.  For example, I can tap my wrist on both arms and an electric shock will go up my arm.  So it's possible that you're stimulating a nerve in your face - probably the VII cranial nerve, which runs through the jaw.

Tindle's sign?  Maybe Bob will help me out here.
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Tinel's sign?  Used to detect irritated nerves.  Most commonly done at the wrist on the palm side along the mid line of the wrist to detect carpal tunnel syndrome.

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OK this is quite interesting as I have a problem with my face around my right eye. I have seen an eye specailist and he explained that my prblem was quite unique in that it showed similarities to Hemifacail spasm & also that of Blepharospasm he ended up diagnosing it as atypical Blepharospam.

Now here's the thing while both these have similar presentations and treatment, they are both quite different in what is causing it to happen.

Blepharospasm - is believed to be a problem at the Brain stem (basal ganglia)
Hemifacial spasm - is to do with a facial nerve

So it does look like this could all be connected.
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I haven't noticed yawning causing anything, but I have had bouts of uncontrollable yawning.  You know how the "polite yawn" feels?  You have your lips closed and the yawn is taking place only in the back of the mouth, with the soft palate lifting and a good intake of air through the nose.  (A very nice singer's breath feeling.)  Well, sometimes, when I'm in bed trying to go to sleep because I'm tired, duh, those will just come over me in unstoppable very short waves, a dozen or so ear-fluttering mini-yawns.  Kind of interferes with the falling asleep bit.
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