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blood test interpretation

I got my lab test results from the blood draw that was done last week.  Of course, I don't see my neurologist again for another week, so I am wondering what my results might indicate...if anything at all.  I know sarcoidosis and lupus are on the differentials for ruling in/out MS.  Most of my blood tests were negative...lupus panel, ESR...normal.  My antinuclear antigen was positive, my ACE was elevated (it was 81...normal range is 9-67, so that isn't really exceptionally elevated is it?)  And my complement was 297 (anything above 100 is abnl)  Anyone know if this helps "narrow" things, or is this just noise that doesn't really point to a specific dx??
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Yeah, things seem pretty mucked up right now.  My tests are now pointing THEM more towards the dx of sarcoidosis....but I absolutely do not fit the profile for this dx.  No cough, no rash, no joints that hurt, no dry eye/tongue, no shortness of breath....yeah, I have pain...in my MUSCLES of my back and legs, but that is helped by baclofen. I feel like I headed down the wrong way.  Anyway, I will get through....either dx is treated with steroids, and I know that is what I need right now....hopefully soon
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Hi ironwoman, I just thought I would point out that you are not alone... about 50% of those here have no answers yet.  I only wish it approached 75%!!!  :-)
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I don't have the number, just a positive ANA, which I have tested positive for in the past.  I realize ACE is more specific to sarcoidosis, but I really don't have the s/s of sarcoidosis...my symptoms really do fit MS.  My anti DNA for lupus was negative.  The ACE was not significantly abnormal, so I wonder if it is more of an incidental finding that anything that helps diagnose my problem (more like problems).  

Oh well, I guess I just wish I had answers like 75% of everyone else here, so I could work towards a SOLUTION!!  

Thanks everyone for replying....

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Do you have the report of the tilter for your ANA or how positive it was? A positive ANA does mean inflammation in the body (like Alex pointed out). It's a nonspecific test that can point to an autoimmune response going on in the body that causes inflammation. It could point to a number of autoimmune diseases that causes this, but the tilter can narrow it down along with, how high the ANA results are.

The ACE test is mostly used to check for Sarcoidosis but this blood test is not specific for this disease and can come up positive in other disease. The only specific blood test is the anti-DNA blood test for Lupus. This test is only for Lupus. ACE levels in Sarcoidosis can rise and fall in the disease process.

Depending on your symptoms and history...they still might have to run a few more test, but this might lead them on the track they need to be looking on.
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I had a positive ANA and that means inflammation. They were thinking Lupus but did an anti DNA which ruled out Lupus. I had no symptoms of Lupus. My Neurologist says it made sense to have a positive ANA since my LP showed so much inflammation.

ACE I don't know. Of course it is symptoms and tests together which make a diagnosis.

Good luck,
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You can get interpretations of lab results from one of my favorite sites


if you have specific questions about a test result, you can submit a question and a real lab scientist will answer you fairly promptly.  
This is a great site and operates as a public service.

Sorry I can be of no help with your results here.

my best, Lulu
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Sorry; wish I could help here.  Somewhere out there, there's a website that helps explain blood test results, but I don't recall it's URL.  Try Google?
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