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calf twitch

Hi everyone!  I have been having these strange twitches in my calf the past few days.  I have had twitches off and on for a while, in my eye, lip, thigh.....but the past few days it is my calf.  

I was at a party on Saturday and it felt like the person i was sitting near was brushing my leg with her foot.  I looked down and her feet were no where near me! (good thing I didn't say something!)  I had those feelings off and on all day yesterday, so last night I decided to look at my calf.  I could see it "suck" in (kind of like how it looks when you suck in your tummy!)  Very odd.

I definitely am going to make an appt. for an MS specialist, but was wondering if anyone else has had these strange leg twitches?


Maureen : )
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While I'm not sure what to make of it, I will post this little message to bump your question up a little higher.  Maybe someone else has an idea? I hope you feel better though.

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Fasciculations and jerks are quite common in MS, even though the experts will tell you there's no such thing.  I used to get them all the time.  

The problem starts with nerve damage - the signal to the muscle is incomplete, so the muscle responds by twitching.  

I would write down where these twitches are, and talk to a neuro about it.
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Thank you!  I am definitely writing down these strange things.  I don't tell anyone about them really, not my husband or family.  I just don't have the energy to try to explain what I am talking about.  I'm grateful that I can come here and most people know exactly what I am talking about and can relate!

Happy Holidays!

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I never brought them up to my doc either. Can watch them in the summer on my thighs when in shorts! They are sooo weird. Jensy gives good info on them.
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