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hospital bug

hi all, has anyone heard of or had a hospital bug in their bladder without actually being in hospital
as i said in earlier posts had UTI that wouldnt clear up and sample was sent to hospital
saw GP this morning for muscle spasm in neck ,she said i was going to contact u today as results from urine show u have a hospital bug in ur urine dont know how you managed to get that as its usually from having  a catheter while in hospital and its very resistent to antibiotics  (cannot remember the name she used for the type of bug)
was quite suprised at the time  
could this be down to my immune system ?
it just keeps getting better and better
thanks all
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Hi again, Ruth.

I'm not sure what a hospital bug is (haven't heard the expression used here in the US), but I'm guessing it's a very treatment-resistant strain of bacteria. We do hear about this a lot, and it's becoming a big problem everywhere.

My question is, did she prescribe anything new to counter the infection? I hope she's not telling you to just deal with it.

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I think she me be referring to MRSA - Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.  There is a variant known as  community-associated (CA-) MRSA infections vs. the more traditional  healthcare-associated (HA-) MRSA infections,  CA-MRSA can be treated with more drugs than HA-MRSA including to sulfa drugs, tetracyclines and clindamycin.  CA-MRSA is typically associated with skin and wound infections, In the UK, it is called Golden Staph.  We see quite a bit a CA-MRSA in the US in football, lacrosse, soccer and field hockey players and it has been linked to skin abrasions caused by artificial turf.

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yes she did stronger antibiotics
can anyone tell me what causes a low b12 ive just been told by nero secretary
ive heard its mimics ms symtoms

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Low B-12 can be due to dietary causes, pernicious anemia, intestinal parasites (like Giardia and tapeworms,) etc.  It can be corrected with injections or sublingual B-12 (as long as you kill of the intestinal parasites.)  Iron and Folate levels should be checked if B-12 is low.  Your Dr. might also consider running an MMA (Methylmalonic acid) Test.   Increased MMA indicates a metabolic deficiency of B-12.  MMA is not recommended in the elderly since it can be falsely high.

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intestinal parasites  arhh yuk
i have IBS dont know if that would cause it
but my mri is clear so thats good news
nerves are damaged thou so got to go for nerve test that doesnt sound good either ,needles under skin

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