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sleep problems among the group

Hello there everyone.
I have problem sleeping it's broken into small one or two hour bouts. Usaully pain in my legs wake me up, it's a strong burning pain, feels like a wire running under my skin is glowing red. This lasts for fifteen minutes or so,the pain some nights makes me scream like a baby. Also I have full body twitches or zaps of electricity that end in my head these are not as common as the twitching every few minutes. During the day I can sleep like a baby.
  I'm asking everyone here ,is this common with us MSers? My Doc is sending me to a sleep clinic tonight, hope they can help in some way.

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Hi Harry.  All I can say, it's a good thing you are not married to someone like me and have to share some sleeping time.  Neither one of us would ever get any sleep.  

As a 13 year veteran of MS, I spend half my night tossing and turning, due to the pain and burning in my legs.  It's every night, Harry.  Sometimes I feel like someone is inside my upper thigh, pulling up on the whole muscle as hard as they can.  It hurts, as I am sure you already know.  After a while of the pulling sensation (which is spasicity) the muscle starts to burn like fire.  My Neuro told me that due to all the contractures of the muscles, it gets "over-worked" just like you would feel at a gym and you get that "muscle burn."

The love of my life thank goodness, is a heavy sleeper, so he's not awaken by my constant leg movements, unless I DO scream out in pain. Which after all these years, still happens.  I also suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome in my legs and arms, with that constant need to more them, because of the creepy crawling sensations. So I get a double whammy at night. Despite medication designed for RLS.  No help...when it hits, it hits.

I have found nothing to help my leg spams, to be honest with you.  They are more painful at night, probably because I am quiet and more aware of the spasms.  But to answer your question, what you describe is VERY common in someone with MS.  I have heard it happening due to other illnesses, in which people have problems with their backs.  I don't know if they get the pulling and burning sensations, like you and I describe.

I wish I had an answer for you, about what controls these painful events.  There are several medications on the market that you can talk to your doctor about.  I just haven't found one that works for me, unfortunately.  I hope you have better luck than I do.

I feel for you buddy. I know EXACTLY what you are going through.  If you have a spouse, I feel sorry for her too.  She must have disrupted sleep right along with you.

Hoping the best for you,
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I'm fortunate that I only have a little paresthesia at this point.  Painful, but endurable.  I do have a problem with sleeping some nights - sometimes I lie awake and I think I'm never going to get to sleep.  I practice calming meditation and deep breathing, which helps a little.
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I have had horrible sleep problems for many years, not related to pain or other symptoms. Upon the advice of several members here, I'm having a sleep study done a week from tonight. It probably won't help, but it sure won't hurt.

Let us know how yours turns out, and good luck.

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I was diagnosed with CENTRAL sleep apnea last year...It's horrible.
I stop breathing anywhere from 20-30 times per night.

There is nothing anyone can do about it, or so I've been told....It sucks!  


Good Luck tonight and let us know how it goes!

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Hello Harry,
   Just read your post. I have not been dx with MS but can relate to the pain in my legs and feet as well. I do have sleep problems that I attribute to these problems. I fully intend on asking for suggestions from my doctor at my next visit. i would be glad to share his comments. Hope all went well at the clinic. I would be interested in what they said.
Hope all is well take care.......m
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