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Burning/Cold Sensation on Back, Muscle Twitches...help!

Hello...I am a 31 yo female that up until 8 weeks ago was extremely healthy.  I am personal trainer, so I make sure that I eat right and live a active lifestyle.  Anyways, it all started when I felt cold water running down my right leg.  I had to run my hand along my leg because I couldn't figure out why the heck water would be dripping down my leg.  The symptom from that day has now increased from only happening on one leg once very other day or so to both legs almost every hour.  The second symptom began soon after...a burning sensation in my back.  It feels like I am stting up against a heating pad.  The feeling comes and goes...and I am not aware of any "triggers" such as certain movement that would cause this sensation.  Again, this sensation has become more and more apparent as the weeks have gone by.  Along with the burning in the back, the feeling of cold has now started to be felt.  This now goes from my back feeling hot then normal and then feels cold then normal....etc.  The sensations of cold and only cold have moved up to my head (skull)....recently.  Okay....now for the embarrasssing part.  I am only including this because I feel that it is extremely important to include.  I have always had the big "O."  Well, when the water feeling started....my feeling with my "O's" went from 100% to about 10% .  I thought that something was just wrong the first time....but this is a continuing problem.  Very upseting.  Okay, last symptom....muscle twitches started about 2 weeks ago....happening about 3 times a day in various muscle group (lasting from 1X to 10X's each time)....not very long and not painful....But again, increasing from 3 times a day to now 20 to 30 times a day.

Tests done so far....MRI Brain w/wo contrast---normal
                             MRI C-Spine w/wo contrast--normal
                             EMG---both leg came out borderline abnormal (slightly slow)

If anyone has has any of these symptoms please respond back.  IPlease.  
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Hey.  Were you able to figure out what happened here?  Having similar symptoms
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www.lymenet.org check out here.
you have the symptoms
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Okay...I forgot something...

Bloodwork:   CBC--Normal
                   Chem Panel--Normal

I am also experiancing hair loss.  :-(  The only thing that is coming back abnormal is the Nerve Conduction test!!!  I am so confused!!!
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