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Help interpreting mri of large rt sphenoid wing meningioma

Can someone explain these findings? This was found on an MRI and reads as follows:

INDICATION: 52 years old Female with abnormal CT reporting a right   frontal/renal vein associated mass.  
COMPARISON: Non-contrast CT October 31, 2023  
TECHNIQUE: MRI of the brain was performed on a 1.5 Tesla magnet with  use of 5 mL of intravenous Gadavist contrast  
BRAIN: No significant hydrocephalus or extracerebral fluid collection   is noted. There is an extra-axial avidly enhancing right lesser  sphenoid wing mass (35 x 29.5 x 35 mm ) with adjacent enhancing dural  tail. There is associated mass effect and deformity of the right   frontal, and anterior right temporal lobes without associated edema   or abnormal brain parenchymal enhancement. Biparietal convexity  diffusion signal abnormality is noted without associated T1, T2 or  post-contrast T1 signal abnormality -- probable artifact.  
Approximate 2 mm leftward midline shift is noted. There is no acute   brain parenchymal infarct, or hemorrhage. Vascular evaluation is not  diagnostic on this routine imaging examination. Small left parietal  scalp sebaceous cyst is noted.  

Specifically, what does the part about the "biparietal convexity diffusion signal abnormality" mean? And what are the functions of the brain associated with the right frontal and anterior right temporal lobe, and how could the deformity of these areas and leftward shift effect brain function?

I would so appreciate any feedback or answers. I don't see the neurosurgeon until the beginning of January.

Thank you so much!
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Meningeomas are benign tumors of the brain. Over 90% of them are grade 1, which are benign, grade 2 and 3 are more malignant. You have classic sphenoid wing meningeoma compressing brain parenchyma. Most often patients with meningeoma dont have any symptoms until tumor increases in size. Biparietal diffusion signal abnormality means that meningeoma has caused compression on your brain and affected normal functioning. Frontal lobe is responsible for inducing motorics and personality and speaking. Temporal lobe is involved in hearing, speaking and memory.

If the tumor continues to grow the part of compressed brain will be irreversibly affected because tumor growth will reduce blood supply to affected area of the brain.
If the tumor is making symptoms, which from reading I suspect it does and is still growing, consult your neurosurgeon.

Kind regards
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