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Hoping someone may have similiar symptoms and can HELP! .

Hoping someone may have similiar symptoms and can HELP!.I'm really scared and just looking for some reassurane or information.  Since i had my daughter three years ago i've been having really strange symptoms and i'm afraid it's all pointing to brain tumour which both my mother and grandmother have both died from. Anyway here are the symptoms in a nut shell..after having the baby i had head aches daily and on and off numbness in my left arm and side of head.  Had a ct scan done and nothing showed up at the time.  Since then i've had daily dull headaches and burning what feels like inside my left side head and face.  Recently i've had a horrible clicking in my neck, worse when i wake up in the morning..it literally sounds like rice crispies in the base of my neck (where my head meets neck) Friday i've developed a numbness in two of my toes. Third and fourth two on the right foot. I'm getting really worried. Can anyone shed some light or maybe relate to any of these symptoms. I've had numerous blood tests and like i said two CT scans, one of the whole head and one of my sinuses.  This new numbness is really worrying me. All of the symptoms do seem to get worse when i'm stressing, not sure if that has anything to do with it or not.
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hi im going through the exact symptoms you are, ive had a ct scan a month ago the dr said it was normal, but im wondering did the scan miss something in my head/ Im having vision problems and  headaches and dont at all feel normal  like myself much, since this and dizziness especially after im lying down and when i get up out of bed, can anyone or a dr reply to this if they have a solution im owing dr bills now and dont know weather to wait(since ct scan said  it was normal) this out or try and see a neurologist or what?
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you both may have someform of neuropathy,I have small fiber neuropathy and it causes tingling,burning,stabbing well just a whole lot of pain in hands feet allover it comes in different areas at differant times i.e. my mouth throat,head, back yet it remains consistent in legs and hands it is exaserbated by my carpel tunnel in the hands anyway.I know how scary it is when someone says there is nothing wrong and you know darn well there is I am on a mountain of meds I also have superaventicular tachycardia, osteoarthritis, migraines, patella formerell(sp?), tons of allergies, bulging disks from c-3 through c-7 and two lower bulging disks hell I forgot what # they are in the lumbar region but I can feel them ;). I hope this helps even a little getting a diagnosis helped me so much I was no longer driven by fear but could at last stand and fight in any way possible.
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Hi there. You need to get an MRI spine and check for any cervical intervertebral disc prolapsed or degenerative disc disease with cervical stenosis causing neurological symptoms in the toes. The management includes after analgesics for pain, epidural injection of steroids, physiotherapy, and surgical decompression. MRI spine need to be done to reconfirm and to check for cervical stenosis. This is a slowly progressive condition that pinches spinal cord, with accompanying myelopathy. The symptoms would be heaviness in legs, inability to walk briskly, loss of fine motor skills like buttoning shirt, arm pain and shooting pain in arms and legs. Treatment is immediate decompressive surgery. Hope this help. Consult a neurologist urgently and take care.

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I have had dizzeness off and on for a couple of weeks now.  When that happens my blood pressure goes straight up.....and I think it's from the worrying about it.  Anyway I have pills that my docotor prescribed for Blood pressure, but when I take them it drops too low and I stop taking them. I have told my doctor about it.  Lately I have had tingling and numbness in inside my head all over....sometimes in the front, sometimes in the back and at times all over.  It goes oway when I don't think about it. Is it just a coincidence?.   It's worrying me, because my Father died of a brain tumor but I think his circumostances where a little different.  When I sleep on one side of my head it seems to be better then the other side.  I also have been having hot flashes of fand on, but I have been through menopause since 2005, is it normal to continue to have hot flashes after so many years too.  I know I should probably see a doctor, but I just like to have some feed back.  Thank you In Christ we Live......
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The tingling and numbness is mostly on my left side of my head. Does this mean there is a blockage where the blood is not flowing properly?
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I am going throught the same thing too.  It started with my neck and goes up to my left side of my head.  I have been going to a chiropracter for years now for my back, and he told me that it's probably related to my neck problems.  My father died of Brain Cancer, and I don't remember him complaining about these symptoms.  He had lots of migraines, and weakness.  We realized there was something wrong toward the end when he was very forgetfull at times, didn't even remember his Name and Birth date.  that was a red flag.........It still doesn't hurt to go further and finding out what the problem is.  Praying helps and ask the Lord for guidence.  I am a little scared too, but I also think that when you worry it makes it worse.

Take care.
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