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How to regain memory?

I had a heart attack two and half years ago. When I first a woke after the heart attack it was 1978 in my mind. I went through rehabilitation. The rehabilitation was so I would live ......

I don't remember my personality. I don't have a personality now. About three weeks ago, my memory of my personality came over me. I mean it was a feeling of what I use to be like. I got a warm feeling,  and became very confident. It lasted less then 30 seconds. What can I do to regain my memory.
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I'm really sorry to hear about your loss. Do you have anyone in your life who can remind you of what your personality used to be? Any pictures or home movies you can go through? Have you been tested for all the brain type stuff and have they ruled out physical problems and said this is just amnesia now?

Because you don't have the same personality you did before does not mean you don't have a personality now. You have one, whether you like it or not. You also have the ability to re-make yourself into the compassionate, patient, loving, loyal, devoted, determined, positive, charismatic person all of us wish we could be if not for the years of emotional baggage we carry with us. Don't become bitter and angry instead.

Talk to the doctor and after that I would suggest talking with a therapist. Maybe you would like art therapy or to learn a musical instrument? It might help to bring beauty and peace back into your life and to be a touchstone for making a new life like you wish your old life could have always been.
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why do i keep forgetting the things i learnt?
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Scientists have found that one fruit could hold the key to supercharging your memory.One little fruit could stop or even reverse years of cognitive decline.
This  fruit contains special substances that help your brain cells send and receive information faster. Much faster. Plus, according to the new research, it doesn't take long for your brain to start working lightening fast...just 12 weeks.
Berry blocks natural brain aging
Over the years, lots of studies have shown that this fruit reduces your risk of vision loss, weight gain, heart disease, and certain types of cancer. That's nothing new. But very recently, scientists have also found that it also protects your brain from aging.
Blueberries, which contain two special kinds of antioxidants called anthocyanins and flavanols. They are special because they can cross the blood-brain barrier. Very few nutrients on Earth can do this. Once there, they scrub your brain cells and get rid of harmful free radicals. And that's important...because free radicals in the brain can lead to oxidation, memory loss, and even Alzheimer's disease.
Blueberries also help existing nerve cells in the brain to communicate with each other better. They even appear to encourage the growth of new nerve cells in the brain.
If Big Pharma came up with a drug that could grow new nerve cells in the brain. Not that it could (or would) ever happen, but can you imagine the headlines: "Grow New Brain Cells with Our Miracle Drug!!!!!" Sure, there would be the occasional side-effects, like your head exploding. But that's a small risk.
Thankfully, you don't have to wait for Big Pharma's next wonder drug. Blueberries can improve your brain function right now.
Boost your learning capacity
For the latest study, researchers fed aging rats a blueberry-enriched diet for one or two months. They also sent the rats through a series of mazes to test their cognitive ability. The faster the rat got through the maze, the better its score.
The first time the aging rats ran through the maze, they scored badly. But after eating a diet filled with blueberries they all performed better, even the rats who were fed blueberries for just one month. In fact, in just one month's time, they scored just as well as the young rats in the study. On the other hand, the aging rats fed a normal diet performed worse on later tests.
In addition, the aging rats fed blueberries for at least two months kept their young brains.
Well, these rats continued to perform like young rats even months after they stopped eating the blueberries. So it appears that eating blueberries has a lasting affect on the brain.
According to Dr. David Malin, PhD, the team's lead researcher, "The present results suggest that even a relatively brief blueberry diet might produce measurable benefits. Second, the benefits of several months of the diet might be maintained for a considerable period after the diet is interrupted. Third, blueberry supplementation might possibly reverse some degree of memory impairment that has already developed. This raises the possibility that this sort of nutritional intervention might still be beneficial even after certain memory deficiencies have become evident."
In other words, eating blueberries can really help your memory... even if you already show signs of mental decline. Plus, once you start eating blueberries, the results seem to be long-lasting.

Now, these results came from testing rats. And the research has to come a long way before we can say with certainty that we'll get the same results on humans. But the emerging data looks really positive. In fact, last year researchers from the University of Cincinnati found that men and women who drank about 500 mL of blueberry juice improved their learning and word list recall in just 12 weeks! They also significantly improved their depressive symptoms.
These delicious brain-boosters are one of the 'dirtiest' fruits on Earth. In fact, each year the Environmental Working Group ranks fruits and vegetables according to their pesticide residue. And last year blueberries ranked fifth 'dirtiest.' This means that most blueberries on the shelves at your local grocery store are covered in pesticides.

Is there such a thing as a 'clean' blueberry?
The truth is, washing fruits and vegetables with soap and water (or even the specialty washes) does very little to remove pesticides. The only safe way around the problem is to avoid commercially grown produce. Choose organic instead. Another great option is to look for a supplement that contains blueberry extract.
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i wasvery interested in what you had discoverd in the natural form to help with memorie ..i am not sure if it can help me tho so maybe if you no better my situation your advice or imput would be greatly opreciated...I have had migrans for as long as i can remember and have never been able to remeber details of my childhood. all i have are flashes of what i would call stil pictures in my mind i do not no if these are even true memories or some power of sugestion from listoning to stores from family members and siblings. i got devorced in 98 and my migranes got more frequint and i started having what was later to be determand as patiet siezurs. I however had no ideah what was going on just blaimed it on my x husband stressing me out :) in 2000 i had a grand moll siezer and ended up in the hospital for about 3 days and then months and months of test and my nurologest trying to get me on a siezure medication that was compatible for my body and life style. finally the doctor put me on neurognten at 1200 milagrams a day for the rest of my life . When i asked the doctor what the test's said as to what caused my siezure and if they found anything abnormall he said "No". his explanation for my grand moll siezure was i was up late at night, and i was reading a book, i was at a stress level that left me vounarable and i smoked cigaretts at that time . so the smoking he said lowered the thresh hold the futege made me voulnarable, and the reading was a visual stimulant. pretty much he had no ideah why i had the siezure why i have been having pattiet siezurs for more than half my life and when i asked my migrains could have anything to do with the siezures you closed that door before i could finish asking he said there is no way a migrain is conected to siezurse it has been 12 years i have not ad another grand siezure but every once in a wile i have the small ones but i have learned how stop them or controle them luckly my body gives me worning , the only thing i cant get is that my memorie issue. my first real memorie that i no is mine was in 6th grade so anything younger than that i have no clue. and that was gone before i had any siezures before i had my grand siezure i could remember things with detail about my life my house were things were in other houses i use to be able to take one look at a room and tell you with detail everything in it . now everyday i feel like i loss a little bit more of my past memories. i have a hard time trying to remember thigs people tell me and days that events happend in what order. i am now starting to loss alot of my emories of my children. it all was trigered by this gran moll siezure i reall would like help with any ideas ,suggestions advice anything and if i am the only case like this i would like to no that too                                                   thank you for your time      
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