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Internal jerky feeling, muscle twitching

Hi.  I'm a 32 year old female and for the past 8 months or so I have been experiencing widespread muscle twitching (painless), as well as a shaky feeling, inner buzzing sometimes in my hand and foot (*seems* to be mainly my left side; I'm right-handed), and a jerky feeling when I move my muscles (pretty much all muscles have this reaction, mainly if I'm exerting effort with them, like pulling pants on, resisting gravity, etc.  Not from the action of simply standing up, though.)  None of this is really externally visible; I just feel it on the inside (24/7; it never relents. Even when I'm just waking up I feel it.)  I've seen a neurologist, gastroenterologist, cardiologist, lyme specialist, and had autoimmune testing as well as a brain MRI to rule out MS.  In the beginning I also had extreme dizziness and thought I saw flashing lights at times (I had one migraine without pain, just a flashing light in my left eye, which I had once a few years ago as well.)  I still sometimes have heart palpitations.  All doctors so far have told me this is anxiety; they can't find anything physically wrong.  I'm afraid someone has missed something.  Any advice?  I hope this is just anxiety.  I *have* been through a lot emotionally over the last 10 years dealing with an ill parent who finally passed away 2 years ago.  I am sleeping well, eating well (I try to limit processed foods, and I try to limit caffeine though I am still drinking it).  No family history of anything sinister that I'm aware of except for unidentified neurological condition suffered by an uncle who passed away several years back at a young age.  Thank you; sorry for being verbose, just didn't want to miss anything that may be pertinent.
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Oh, I also want to add; no weakness involved.  Had an EMG on my left side some months back, results normal.
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I am literally in the same boat as you it's almost scary. I have exactly all the same symptoms and have been diagnosed with anxiety. I have a lot of cog-wheeling in all my limbs and neck. I think this is what u mean by "jerky feeling" any progress with this? a bunch of people posted this exact same problem 10 years back on this website http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Depression-Mental-Health/Muscle-movements-not-smooth-Vibrating-muscles-Anxiety/show/268175
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I have many of the same things and I was just recently diagnosed with a hyperthyroid. Have any doctors tested you for that?
I have the heart palpitations sometimes, the twitches, the internal buzzing, as well as losing weight without really trying. Some anxiety can be caused by hyperthyroid too.
So far I am doing natural things.
Maybe a good naturopath could help you, or a regular doctor if you don't mind drugs and side effects :)
A hyperthyroid can be caused by unknown food allergys.

Hope this will help you.
From another woman :)
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first of all I want to let you know that you're going to be completely fine and another thing is this sounds like classic Panic anxiety disorder. everything word for word that you said I have been dealing with since I was 18 years old and I am now 35 years old . but the good news is you can find help Google CBT and also what has helped me a lot is Zoloft and the occasional Klonopin I have been able to overcome the emotional anxiety and anxious panic and sometimes paranoia feelings but i n m unable to stop the physical part of the anxiety disorder you're going to be just fine but you're going to have to find the trigger basically the root of all the stress and anxiety that you are caring if you are religious or even spiritual I highly recommend that you asked for it to be taken away so you can live your life . you should not have to suffer because of this God bless you and I wish you the best of luck I apologize for any errors in spelling as I am using voice to text
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