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Large Red Blood Cells

Has anyone who has been diagnosed with Large Red Blood cells had gastric bypass.  My vitamins levels are all normal and so is my proteins and iron.  My doctor is baffled.
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Hi there. After gastric removal(gastrectomy) or gastric bypass surgery especially the Roux-en-Y bypass there is impaired B12 absoprption. The mucosal cells are no longer   available nor is the required intrinsic factor for the absorption.  This leads to inadequate GI absorption of B2 and may cause pernicious anemia. Treatment is like in pernicious anemia either oral mega doses or B12 by injection. Take care.
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I had large red blood cells, too, and a little crooked, too, not round.  Dr. put me on folic acid  for 90 days, at therapeutic level, 1000mg.  Immediately headaches, which I thought were sinus or migraine went away forever.  When you have stomach surgery, could affect  the stomach lining  which process esB12, and folic acid related.  I was lucky, it was folic acid.  But, my doctor told me hemotologist prescribed folic acid, and he didn't understand why, so I called hemotologist, and he was furious, and told me to report any student at clinic that didn't check and understand,  he gave me word for it, macrocystic anemia, or megaloblastic anaemia.  No one at clinic ever knew what that was, so I never reported them, seems like no doctors know at that medical school.  So maybe all doctors that are not hemotologists don't understand.  I just do what doctor said, every January 1st, take 1000 mg per day for 90 days. Always, no more headaches, tingling in legs, and other problems like I had before.  Can make you have baby with spinabifida.  So don't get pregnant until blood cells are normal so they can carry oxygen correctly.  
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Hi,If everything is normal ask your doctors to test you for the presence of GLYCIDE AMIDE ADDUCT IN YOUR  BLOOD.
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