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Progressive numbness in toes/feet

I am a 63-year-old woman. I have seen a neurologist for progressive numbness in my toes. It started in my right big toe about 15 months ago. Last November, I noticed some numbness in the middle toes on that foot and a little numbness in a few toes on the left foot. The neurologist found some deficits on the nerve conduction study but normal small fiber biopsies. Blood work showed normal iron and ferritin but he wanted my iron to be higher so he started me on oral iron. My B12 level was normal (I already supplement) but my pantothenic acid level was slightly low so I qas directed to supplement that.  My ANA was positive at 1:80 but he said that was not a concern. All other tests were normal normal except B1 which was high, so I reduced my supplements. I have been stable for the past 2.5 months but yesterday I noticed numbness around the ball of my right foot. I am due to have repeat blood work in August and see the neurologist in September. His office was closed yesterday and is to reopen in 2 days. I am concerned and am looking for answers. Could this be MS?
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I have found that determining neurological problems is a long process of exclusion.   They will start with blood tests of all kinds to check for anomalies.  Then most likely mri of brain and spinal cord to check for lesions (possible ms) or anything indicating nerve problems from spinal cord.    I had all tests over the course of a year.

The last test I had was lumbar puncture which led to diagnosis of CIPD.  High protein in fluid.  My issue is autoimmune related.  Mine started in feet numbness and was progressing.  I was then able to get treated for that.  Not suggesting you have that at all.

So my suggestion is keep pushing for the tests to find a cause.  I ended up being referred to a neuromuscular specialist who actually took it too more in depth diagnostics than the neurologist I had been seeing.

Don’t give up and best of luck.


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Thanks, Jim. The neurologist seems fairly unconcerned at the time and did not suggest anything but repeat blood tests after a couple of months. I would like to get the MRI  to rule out MS, and I read that sometimes lumber CSF tap is needed next.

I hope you are receiving proper treatment and are recovering well.


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