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Memory loss

Hi my name is Robin, and mmy concern is that my memory has become very weak in last 10 years. Now what I mean is that I am unable to remember any study material in college such as large paragraphs, even after revision. I can only remember one or tweo lines. This was not always the case because in chilhood my memory was preety good since I remembereed most of the reading that I did, but not the same in college. I am currently doing HR and it demands that you have a good memory. I can remember numbers, but not the same when it comes to paragraphs. I am overweight but I was like this since my childhood. I also recently was diagnosed with acanthosis nigricans, which is a skin diesease. Please help me find out a cure to my memory problem urgently.
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Check with your doctor.  Ask him to recommend a diet that is lower in carbohydrates to help you lose weight and lower your insulin levels.  Your diet should mostly consist of protein, healthy fats, vegetables, and occasional fruit.  Avoid sugary drinks.  Instead of drinking juice, eat the fruit.  Drink mostly water.  If you need help with meals and snacks, just leave me a message.  It's not easy changing what you eat.   I've had to work with two of my three kids because they have a tendency for high insulin levels.  I changed their diets slowly.  I buy frozen fruit, put it in a blender with some water and make slushies.  When they get home from school, I put out a plate of fruit with some cubes of cheese as a snack.  Or peanut butter on a rice cake.  Or celery with a tablespoon of cream cheese.
Spend time reading up on healthy diets.  Use the internet to find recipes.  

Hope this helps!

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Your skin problem is usually associated with higher insulin levels.  Did your doctor mention to you why you have the acanthosis nigricans?  There are several causes.  Did the doctor suggest a low carbohydrate diet?  
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Ya its higher insulin level you are right. But is that the reason for memory loss or something else
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The doctor told me to loose weight !!!!!!
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Poor memory, brain fog and lack of concentration are all signs of insulin resistance. You may not have been actually diagnosed as insulin resistant yet, but elevated sugar levels do affect memory. Increase magnesium in the diet. Do not take magnesium supplements if you have kidney or heart problems.

"Magnesium plays a pivotal role in the secretion and function of insulin; without it, diabetes mellitus is inevitable." - Nutritional Magnesium Association.

Another nutrient deficiency in particular that affects memory is vitamin B12.  This deficiency can be misdiagnosed as Alzheimer's! Sublingual (under the tongue) supplementation is very effective.
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