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Multiple Unexplained Symptoms

I am a 38 year old Australian male and generally in very good health (ran a half-marathon on 1 May). Never smoked. Use alcohol very moderately (perhaps 3-4 units per month). I was quite overweight but lost about 20kg’s over an eight month period through diet and exercise.

The symptoms described below started around 6 May and progressed over the course of several (4-6) weeks.
I now realise that I had many of the same symptoms described about 2 years ago. It began to clear up just as I was resolving to go and see a doctor so I took no action.

1) I had a swollen and painful submandibular salivary gland for a few months. Saw a doctor about it on 4 May and he told me that is a viral infection and not to worry about it. It is now much better although it still sometimes ‘flares up’. It feels like the pain from the glands sometimes ‘migrates’ to the area above the collarbone
2) I had a very severe cold in the period straight after my visit to the doctor
3) Burning and tingling sensation on both feet and ankles.
4) It now feels like I am constantly stepping on something soft under the soles of my feet.
5) Tingling sensation in both hands especially the pinkies, present on both sides but more pronounced on the left. My pinkies now often feel ‘asleep’ and stiff.
6) Weakness and pain in both arms, especially the area around the elbow and into the upper arm muscles.
7) Erectile dysfunction. Now better
8) ‘Full’ sensation in my left ear with slight pain. Now better.
9) Dull chest pain. Now better.
10) Tightness in my jaw, comes and goes.
11) Tingling sensation on tongue.
12) Severe pain around the rectum. Happened only twice
12) Feelings of vertigo
13) General malaise  
14) Weakness in legs.
15) Painful ‘weak’ sensation around eyes. My eyesight is not affected although I sometimes struggle to focus.
16) Numbness in lips

I took all of this to my doctor who sent me to a neurologist. He ran a series of tests
1) Blood tests ruling out diabetes, thyroid trouble, myasthenia gravis etc.
2) A nerve conductivity test
3) A visually evoked potential test
4) An MRI of both my brain and c-spine
5) Two thorough neurological exams

Result: No clear cause. On one level this is probably reassuring but it still leaves me with said 'multiple symptoms' making life really difficult.  

Thanks for your help!
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Extract from the neurologist's report: Visual acuity wat 6/6 bilaterally with normal fundus examination. Motor examination was unremarkable with well preserved and symmetrical reflexes bilaterally and downgoing plantars. Sensory examination was also unremarkable. Romberg's was negative. Multiple investigations including MRI Scan of the brain and C Spine, nerve conduction tests and visual evoked responses were normal. A multitude of blood tests have come back normal including the inflammatory markers. We have not discovered any structural basis for his multiple symptoms.

Might just add I have no history of depression or mental issues and I am not overly stressed personally or professionally.
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There are many conditions that causes peripheral neuropathy such as nutrient deficiencies, infections, exposure to toxic chemicals and various autoimmune diseases. Wikipedia has a long list of possible causes. Causes of a swollen submandibular salivary gland includes stone/s in the salivary duct, benign and malignant tumours, or Sjögren's disease (less common).  Stones are most commonly found in the submandibular gland, where stones can obstruct Wharton's duct. It is frequently associated with chronic infection (Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus viridans) of the glands, dehydration (phenothiazines), Sjögren's syndrome and/or increased levels of calcium.  

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Hi, did you ever get a diagnosis or rid of your symptoms?
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