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One pupil bigger than the other with headache. Please help.

I am a 34 year old male. I have type 1 Diabetes (Diagnosed 3 years ago)
Since i have been diagnosed with Diabetes i have experienced mild light headedness from time to time as well as some numbness in both sides of my face (usually when im stressed)
My family doctor prescribed low dose serc 2 yrs ago for the light headedness in which i have been taking ever since in which have helped with those symptoms somewhat.
I generally tend to worry about my health and have been under stress in the last month.
In the last month i have been having low grade headaches mainly around my right temple and right eye.
Sometimes i get this headache in my forehead, left temple and also in the lower back of my head.
On times i get a "cramp" in my right eye that last for about a minute.

15 days ago i noticed that my right pupil is larger than my left pupil. (Aniscoria)
I bright light my pupils get smaller and appear to be the same size. Under low light conditions my right pupil tends to get bigger than my left pupil.

I visited my family doctor, He looked at my eyes with a light and said that he isnt too concerned but to follow up with him in the next week if the symptoms dont go away.

5 days later is saw a different doctor who also inspected my eyes with a light, checked my ears.
This contacted a Neurologist you recommended him to look for signs of Horners Syndrome.
He looked at my eyes again with a light, checked my eyelids and test my coordination.  
The doctor claimed that he did NOT see any indication of Horners Syndrome.
I told the doctor that i am under alot of stress so he took me off work for a week.
This doctor prescribed a anti-inflammatory drug called Diclofenac and told me to follow up in a week.
I asked the doctor if i should get a CT scan or an MRI and he said he did not see any need for it at this point.
Since i have been taking the Diclofenac the headaches are not as bad. The issue with my pupils are the same.

3 days ago i saw my family doctor again because i developed a infection in my wisdom tooth on the right side and i seem to have some sinus pressure.
He precribed Novamoxin for the infection and Omnaris nasal spray for my sinus issue.
I asked my family doctor if i should get a CT scan or a MRI and he said he there is no need at this point.
My family doctor sent me for bloodwork to check my B12, Thyroid, CBC, Liver profile & Kidney Profile, ALL CAME BACK NORMAL.
He wants me to follow up in 2 weeks.

Even though i had 2 doctors tell me that they do not think there is anything serious, I am really worried that there may be something seriously wrong with me!

What are the chances of me having a un-ruptured brain aneurysm, Brain tumor, Carotid artery dissection or some other serious condition?

I would really appreciate another doctors opinion.


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i have had this same problem for 2 years i see a nurologist and he said i was worrying too much about it ,i have balance problems some days can bearly walk but i just get fobbed of when i go docs ,i had a chest xray to rule out horners but i def think something is wrong me with as i get of balance in the dark since all this and it all started after a viral infection....i havent been the same since ,my ears are always popping and in pain ! everytime i go docs i ask him to look in my ear lol
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I saw a ophthalmologist, he found nothing wrong with my eyes.
My doctor checked me for signs of horners syndrome and found no evidence of it!
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I have Horner syndrom and would recommend seeing and eye neoro opthomoligist. They do a solution in the eye (cocaine) which will reverse the eye dialation to the other eye which would confirm horner syndrome, but I am not a doctor and it could be something else.
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3 Months later and i still have one pupil larger than the other on times. Pupils do react to light.
Still has daily mild pain around right eye socket.
Has daily feeling of fullness in right ear, Doctor has looked in ear with light and claimed everything is normal.

About 3 weeks ago i had a CT scan done on my head. Results said that i had a part of the bone in my skull that was thicker than the rest.
Last week i had a bone scan. Still waiting for results of bone scan.

What are the possible results i can expect from the bone scan?

Can someone please offer their opinion?
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