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Pain after hip Replacement

i can relate to everyone with pain after hip replacement, i had my right hip replaced in Aug of 2006,i am still living with pain,it is so hard to get around to do anything anymore.I was not one to let anything get me down but this sure has, the nero doc had said before surgery that i had neuropathy,said my right hip was deterioring so i went ahead with this replacement,biggest mistake i ever made, i have been through every test there is,have tried everything,right now i have a spinal stimulator in,just put in a month ago,not sure if it is helping or making things worse,there are days i can hardly move the pain is so bad, if not for pain pills i would never be able to do anything. Like the others,all the tests show the hip is good,well if it;s good,why all the pain after almost 2 years now> I guess i was a pain to the ortho doc,so he sent me to a pain clinic to get rid of me is the way i feel,the doc there had run every test there is,still no answers. I had some problems before,such as polio as a baby,which never bothered me or stopped me from doing anything i could possibly do, and of course the hip replacement is on the side i had the polio on,so they try blaming the pain on that i guess cause of the nerve damadge done from that. There has got to be a answer somewhere to why we have to live with so much pain after having something done that was suppose to help in the first place, like i said,biggest mistake i ever made was having this done. No doctor can come up with any kind of answer to the pain,just give more meds,i wish i didn't have to rely on pills do help but it's the only way,guess i'll have to live with pills the rest of my life,even after having surgery to have this spinal implant done. If any one ever finds a doctor who has answers to the pain,please let me know, Hope you all are having a great day

This discussion is related to Hip pain -- not sure if it's neurological in nature.
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Hello Dear,
Post surgical pain is  often encountered.Any incision can result in damage to the sensory nerves in the area of the incision. Significant nerve damage, which may cause loss of muscle function, can occur after hip replacement.Major surgeries may cause damage to nerves.Your pain possibly is the result of the injured nerves.I feel sorry for you,but there are limited treatment options.
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Hello,,is there any treatment that you know of that maybe i haven't already been through? I've also had a decompression on C4,5,6 &7,then for 2 slipped disks,,so i've pretty much been through it all,,the 3 major surgries were all within a year. Somedays it's just so hard to keep going,but i am trying to do the best i can,i hate complaining all the time about pain,it's just taken a toll on me these last 2 years.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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I had THR 8/11/11 with servere pelvic pain since wakeing from operation, leg paralized three days post op, and large bleed day one,now with large heamatoma under incision site. still basically bed ridden all xrays and CT scans are normal had U/S showed ? fracture 3cm below head of femmur with ? loosening of prothesis, Surgeon will not accept U/S report as he told me U/S cannot diagnos fractures only soft tissue damage, so why am I unable to weight bear.What should I be doing as in excercise ans ambulation
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hi i had hip replacement 8-30-2010  i think my muscle shrunk and i have a bad limp    or my incision opened up 6 weeks later and i have muscle damage i hurt from limping i took myself of all pain meds  sometimes i can cry  my husband thinks all is done and should be better i'm not got any help
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hi, in 2006 i was diagnosed at 42yrs old with aggresive osteo-arthritis and had bilateral hip replacements in 2006 then a revision of left hip 6 months later as the first one had failed. i have sufferred with hip pain ever since. i have numbness down my right leg from incision to knee. my left leg is 2 inches shorter than the right, i wear a built up shoe & i take regular analgesia. i was medically retired from my job as a nurse. i have been back and forth to the orthopaedic doctors, pain clinic, GP etc i have had xrays that say normal. the medical lot seem to think its all in my head. i am severely limited in mobility and no-one seems to help. any advice on offer ???
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I also have severe pain after hip replacement.  I am 67 years old and when I was young I did have two lower back laminectomies.  A friend of mine told me that she takes a low dose of methadone and it is like a miracle.  She had no more pain, does not get a high from it, and says there is no tolerance to that medicine.  Do you recommend the use of methadone for chronic pain?
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