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Pain induced Seizures....

Hi all,
just wondering if anyone else out there has experienced pain induced seizures resulting in a full grand mal seizure. I've done all the testing out there.... been told its in my head, and its anxiety.... my seizures started at 5 years old and continued throughout my life. (24years old at the moment) during my testing they have tried to trigger epileptic seizures with no luck but have narrowed it down by a cardiologist to be my heart. as the pain causes shock in my body that then the drop in my blood pressure stops/slows my heart which no longer sends blood to my brain creating the Grand mal seizure trying to bring oxygen up to my brain… the best test I have had to prove this is a tilt table test, as they stick you with a needle first which then triggered my seizure as the table was being raised to a 90 degree angle… once doctors had my heart flat lining and coming back on screen (and not just stories myself or others had told them)… they could finally do something about it! I’ve been on medication and seizure free for 2 years…. A pace maker later in life maybe an option but because of my age they are not wanting to do anything to drastic just yet! I'm determind to avoid the pace maker, is there any one that has similar problems to this? how are they being handled for you??
All the best
Melissa .
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I've had seizures since I was ten, I am currently 18 and never took any medicine for them. They had seemed to have stopped after the 5th grade but after about 4-5 years I started having them again. The doctors have done tests and redone some of them and found nothing wrong that they can tell. So far the triggers have been sever pain, stress, or  illness like the flu. The last couple of times I've had a seizure I have actually stopped breathing. I do not think the doctors even believed I had them until I got sick and had one in the doctors office while the were checking my blood pressure. I can usually tell a couple of second (long enough to notify someone nearby) before I have one. Before I have one I usually get a funny feeling similar to the kind of feeling you get by standing up to fast. Then I black out and according to my parents and sister who have been present during most of these 'episodes' I start twitching and lose bladder control, and stop breathing. When I come to Its as if I am waking up from a dream I slowly become aware of the world getting hearing back first then vision and controlled movement of my arms, legs, and head. Afterwards I am exhausted for hours and sometimes its even days before I feel like myself again. I would like to know if anyone with a similar condition has found a way to completely prevent them so that I can have a normal life. I would also like to know if it would be safe to have children or if it would be to great of a risk for both myself and the child. Also to those who say it is impossible for pain to be the trigger that is because you have not experienced it. People also used to say it was impossible to land on the moon yet we have. Think about all the deseases that have gone undiagnosed for years until resent advances in medicine.
I have suffered from this from the age of 7 I am 41 now and mine are trigger by pain the doctors just put it down to fainting but had one today while.i was in the hospital getting veins examined in my legs mine come.with pain or the sight of blood then like tour self I know when it's going to happen so I get laid.on the floor then exactly as you have put it  I will post again when GP look.into it luckily this time.i was with a vascular specialist that was able to see for his self what happened as I've always been fobbed off do you drive as they say I have to notify the dsa and they will.revoke my license on the.plus side I have 2 healthy children child birth didn't bother me both natural births as well xx
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I have had the same thing since I was 3 or so. Mine were all pain induced. The only time they could ever trigger a seizure was by doing a 24 hour sleep deprived study and they caught it as I was falling asleep. I was on epileptic medicine and went into remission at the age of 10. I had full tonic clonic seizures. I have had two small petit mall seizures since then and only those two which were both not pain induced and have not been on meds since I was 13. My son is now having the same issues and he is only 5. The first neuro we saw told me he was not having seizures and it was vasovagal syncope which resemble a seizure...but I know my son and I know what a seizure is and he does not just pass out from pain. I got a second opinion. I finally a neuro that would listen to me and she has started testing him every which way. His seizures have gotten worse to where he now is doing a full tonic clonic episode...While they don't last very long he is definitely in one. It really upsets me to see doctors telling people they don't know what they are talking about when I have lived through it my whole life and I know the difference. He does not pass out like a vasovagal would do..he goes directly into a seizure. It is not by all pain but very selective...more deep tissue type of pain. Stick to your guns and don't let them tell you something if you don't believe it...get a second or even third opinion until someone will listen to you.
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Hello I am now 27 I had my first seizure when I was 21 and tore my tendon. My episodes are triggerd by high stress,Anxyity and mostly pain.  My Dr is having a hard time coming up with answers I'm so glad that I seen you're post they want me to see a cardiologist to implant a chip so they can monitor my heart. Yesterday was my first time having two episodes in one day thanks to Roy (my thrombosed hemroid) what medication did they put you on is it a heart Med or is it a seizure med? I am soooooooooo glad I am not alone. Yesterday the nurses where laughing saying I have never heard of such a thing making jokes and what not about me even after they witnessed it happen.
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