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Hello my name is Travis. I' am a 28 year old male very active with exercise, sports, and eat very well. I have no history with brain tumors in my family, both sides. I have pretty bad allergies though, post nasal drip, constant plugged up nose, sneezing, sometimes watery eyes, etc.. Back in early February 2010 I had some slight tingly, low grade pins and needles in left foot and left hand. Also it sometimes went into my right foot just a little bit. Also I feel a little off, lightheadedness, I'm not falling over or stumbling, just that. Also low grade forehead headaches, come a go a few of them, possible from allergies..I went to see my main doctor in early March 2010 and told him, he ran 7 blood tsts on be including B12 deficiency. The complete exam :blood work, urine: all came back 110% Fine..everything was normal and great. Throughout Feb the tingling, pin/needles comes and goes, with lighheadedness around as well, I have no bad headaches, vomiting, seizures, or falling over.. So from the last week until now I have the tingling and pins..from 1 to 10 it would be a 2 or 3, not bad..and for the past week now my left calve has been feeling sore/fatigued/dull...I play around 11 hours of medium paces high tennis a week, and very active... So yesterday I seen a Neurologist and the physical exam he gave me, he said was 100% normal with sensation testing, balance, and eye movements, etc..my strength in arms and legs were good as well. He said it might be a nerve in arm and or leg...He is sending me for a MRI next week..He told me if he was a betting man he said it will be normal... What do you think the outcome will be??? What do you think on the MRI outcome in your mind? thanks for your time!!!
I forgot one other thing here. I had a complete eye exam last week and the doctor said I had 20/20 and my eyes were good with no problems. He looked behind the eye and said everything was clear....
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Hey Travis,
Well, while could be some neurological thing might show up on your MRI that shows a reason for your pins and needles sensation in your lower extremities and left hand, plus your left calf fatigue, like could be you had a little bleed in the brain or there might be a benign growth, there is also a very good possibility that this has more to do with how you're breathing.  Since you're all stopped up in your nose, the sort of hyperventilating or lack of deep breathing that may go on from that, especially when you do sports, can cause those pins and needles and strange sensations.  Allergy is often responsible, especially to MSG, which is a food enhancer used in Chinese food, soy sauce, that sort of thing, altho it's put in a lot of foods.  Still, I think it's good you went to a neuro, maybe go back to see him on a yearly basis, in case things get a lot worse, that way you'll have a good doc who knows you.  And of course pay attention to a possible MSG allergy, possibly visit an allergist.  

I might add that whenever my nose gets all stopped up and I cannot breathe very well, I'll get a PLAIN saline spray with nothing else in it, at the drugstore, and squirt it in my nose a few times a day, and it helps drain it better so I can breathe better.  Work on deep breathing, too, once a day, perhaps, just get in a relaxed state of mind and sit on the floor and look at an object you like, and breathe in really deeply, blow it all out, then breathe normal for a few times, then repeat ten times.  Think of nothing else but that object and your breathing.  Then if you get in a situation where you cannot catch your breath, just think of that object and get into deep breathing, just a few times ought to bring you around.  Keep us posted.
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Thank you for your question. Although without being able to examine you I can not offer you the specific advice on diagnosis and treatment that you need, but I would try to provide you some relevant information about your health concern.

If your all the reports came back absolutely normal, then this numbness or tingling would have occurred when you are depressed or stressed due to general anxiety disorder. A doctor may suggest counseling or psychotherapy, physiotherapy, treating related stress and avoidance of triggering factors by doing meditations/yoga that can be helpful in recovering from the condition. Additionally, it will be helpful if you keep the symptoms occurrence log where you can record and specifics the sensations, including how long they lasted, any triggering factors that you may have noticed. This will help your doctor to determine the nature of the neurological factors that causing it, therefore what kind of treatment need to be started. Hope this information proves helpful to you. Take Care & Regards!!!
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