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Random pains in same place in head

Hi for I’d say three months now (can’t be exact when) but I keep getting this pain last for 1-3 seconds and goes away sometimes few times a day on my top left side of head or at the back at the top of head mainly on the left side though to be honest it doesn’t even hurt just annoying. I’m quite a worrier at the best of times and really starting to stress about it. Been to the doctors and she said there’s nothing there that sounds to concerning but can’t help but worry. I’ve stopped drinking caffeine apart from the odd 1 or 2 cups of tea (used to drink 2-4 cans of Diet Pepsi a day) and has seem to eased how many times these pains happens.
I work at 1 am at work and even though I get same amount of sleep a night about 5-6 hour ish I wonder if I’m over thinking these pains and just not helping the cause and making them worse lack of sleep but stressy and anxiety? Plus I’ve started to get ringing in the ears which isn’t helping me worrying, I’ve been to the docs about the ringing and she has referred me to ENT but she says the pains and ringing aren’t connected.
Sorry to go on but it’s really getting to me
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Hi there,

Most people wouldn't be registering body sensations that are only happening for 1 to 3 seconds, intense pain would get anyone's attention no matter how brief it lasted but what you are saying is this isn't actually painful, it isn't burning, it isn't numb, it isn't tingling, it isn't throbbing, it isn't itchy etc its "just annoying"

The only thing i can come up with is related to the effects stress hormones have on the skin and hair follicle's so maybe this annoying feeling is being caused by you worrying all the time, a stress reaction is inflammation and it can cause patches of scalp or hair follicle sensitivity, along with a lot of other scalp issues, it's worth considering as a potential explanation for what your feeling...

Hope it helps......JJ
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Thanks for your help! At the moment my hair is thining and I’m constantly brushing it and wearing hats. It does make sense. Got a friend who has mentioned about hair follicles. Thank you again
I too have thinning hair, ringing in ears, quick sharp pains in scalp, sometimes burning scalp always sensitive to touch. ENT ran test..nothing..I do have a couple lumps on skull. The pain or shall I say sensitivity is around those. Dr doesn't seem to know what Tha r. Dermo says it's acustas vertices gyrata disease. Not sure..but Dermo gave me a medicated shampoo..does seem to help.somewhat..anyways. who knows..
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