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Recently, I have experienced severe vertigo on a weekly basis.

This happened 26 years ago and after visits to ear specialists and sinus doctor we pinpointed it to an allergy to beer, my favorite alcoholic drink. Then I quit drinking alcohol completely. A month ago, the vertigo returned. When I get it, it comes on fast, causing me to vomit, An MRI on my brain shows no abnormalities, bleeding or lesions. An ear, nose and throat specialist saw no infection in my outer ear. He did prescribe a decongestant and antihistamine. Sometimes, the foods I eat causes my constant ear ringing to become worse and my sinuses to become dry. My left ear feels plugged. Any idea on the cause?.  My left ear ringing and feeling of fullness are constant. I cannot use nose sprays because I have glaucoma. The vertigo last for about four hours and subsides when I take medication, yet after it, I have diarrhea and gas.
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Have no idea, but when you're allergic to something as specific as beer, it's not the beer, it's something in the beer unless you have a bad reaction to all alcohol.  So maybe you're allergic to barley or hops, which might appear in other things as well.  Or maybe you're just allergic to malted barley.  Or to sugar.  Again, don't know.  One thing that can cause vertigo and that alcohol in general can exacerbate is anxiety attacks.  Don't know if you have that problem.  People can be allergic to all sorts of things, so getting rid of one thing doesn't get rid of them all.  Certain places are known for having a lot of allergy problems.  I get a lot of nose bleeds from constant allergy problems that are otherwise not severe most of the time, and I live in a place that is known for allergy problems.  The ringing is called tinnitus, and sometimes it can be caused by a condition that also causes dizziness called Mineire's Ear (not sure of the spelling on that).  My Dad had it.  It usually causes vertigo when one lies down.  
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